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Happy Birthday Tammy - We miss you!

October 7, 1957

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and miss you ALOT!!

Happy Birthday Tammy...Gone but not forgotten..

The day Tammy was born was a special day for all of us. She was a blessing to many people and her light and love will shine brightly in our memories for all time to come. God holds her in the palm of his hand, I know, for she has to be one of his favorites. My love to you Tammy, I will miss you, till we meet again.

Happy Birthday Tammy!

"Miss you, baby. Happy Birthday!

I miss you, but of course you know that. I'm still waiting to meet you in my dreams. HEY! I know I'm late, as usual. As usual, I know you understand.

Happy birthday to my dear friend. You are forever in my heart.