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r i a n n e.y o u n g i n.9 0 5.t a k e n..a L e


Hey-Lo my little loud friend =) Since September..hmmm..11 months =O..Soo many jokes nadl laughs from the park too Sara`s place too your house..haha the boxers..Poo-tung-e-na-mo? Is that how ya spell it? haha..Much Luv*


Howdy man..haha since GRADE 3 =o..hehe..sooooooo many jokez..LMFAO at soccer..maybe she`s racist? but she`s black..haha hilariousness..Hopefully the brown clan to Brother Andre will continue ;) C ya a soccer..eshee..Much Luv*


Hello Maureen Nicel Valenzuela (nikki) Hale Chan..LMFAO..that wuz funny duntcha think..hows hale by the way? =D..i`ve never really been to Newmarket that much but ime sure u have ;) if ya know wutta meean..hehe EBAUMS WORLD ahah..[8]Milkskae[8] that wuz pure nastiiness but hilarious..wutt du u always du in the woods huh? we went to ur house n ur ma said u went --> that way..(by ur house it means the woods hommie) AHAH member the mini hale at the mall? haha he had an eye fure u eh? latez chile..Much Luv*


Hello Von Bitch =) Howz Kyle doing? haha that wuz wuz the hose by the way looked like ya had fun wit paul frankie and the hose gotta gimmie that pic of that dude..YEES "THAT" DUDE THE HOTT WUN..MY LIPS R SEALED DUDE..Tell gelz i sed heeey (u know how ur her brown twin n everything) ahah..c ya in roughe fairways (BRING THE DAYUM PIC) =D..Much Luv*


Heey i am not the gossip queen thank u very much..;) and yure welcome fure the invitation too the party ime juss a lil surprised i wasnt there =O..haha howz `he` doing? u know, ur doggy? ye yee yeee i know itz SHE..juss keep reminding me that wittle wun..LMFFAO HOW WUZ UR FAMILY MOVIE?? HAHAHAHAHAHA me and mona laughed sooo friggen much..ahuuuuuu..come 2 rouge fairways..UR DANCE SUTDIO SUCKS =]..Much Luv*

Mona & Melissa

Hey u 2..haha biking is always hilarious..RUFF RUFF! EYY BABEEEY..mona and her bus LMFAO..monas obsession wit walter :D..oppsy did i say thaaat? haha well wut is there too saaaaaaay?? ohh yaa those dudes were sayin it 2 u 2...i may of had a tank n shorts but u guyz were showing more skin =D..haha! come back too my house soooon dammit [A] ..Much Luv*

Davin & Mike

Hey u lil IMpitent nerds =) ahah i put u 2 together cuz it wuz the most sophistacated thing to do ^o)<-- u nerds shood know that emoticon :D..ahh track wuz hilarious joe`s lil mullet flag..and ejculation ahahaaha..well ur my gino and ur the brown boy..VON MULLET CLAN (haha that wuz funny) still downloadin music dav??? and i ate out last night :D LMFAO..and yees we r all hoping fure new guyz and gurlz next yeer (preferably HOT)..ezze nerdettes! Much Luv*


ALLO SHAKIEE!? LMFAO that wuz the most funniest moment of my LIFE! haha wut can i say..u ppl r the best,,all the JAMZZZ..MUSICC..MALLZ..BOYZ N GURLZZZ *wink wink* haha CARIBBANA SOON!! YEYEYEY Cessa man ime driving in ur CAAAAAAR...haha...ill talk 2 u ppl soon///CESSA AND HAYLIE IF I HAVE U 2 AS SISTER-IN LAWS ILL B GLAAD!!..damon man good luck wit manda U OWE ME SOOOOOO MUCCCCCH...and andres u hoe bag I KNOW WHERE U LIVEEE :D:D... Much MUCH Luv*


Heey Babyee...=)..omg i love u soo much..11 months?? or 10 yee i think 20 =) all the momentsss...last summer..ur pool ;)...that nite wit damon LMFAO haha that wuz hilarious..hmmm..i cant type neything else ya know *other ppl reed this shit 2* la la la ummm I LOOVE YOOU..ill think of u in you babe..
If you aint here..guess why?

July Plans

July 1st//Fireworks wit Damon
July 2nd//Haylie & Cessa are back from Boarding School
July 10th//Sibbalds Point
July 12th//Valerie & Kienna leave for New Jeresey (yaay)
July 13th//Chill wit Jae n Mel
July 14th//Kyle's Birthday
July 17th//Mel's Party & Travis' Party
July 18th//Rejean's Birthday
July 20th//Sister's Birthday
July 31st//Caribbana..Andres' Jam (yaay)