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The Wizard of Paws: There's no place like home, furry home! That's what Hello Kitty, Tin Penguin, Scarecrow Chip and Cowardly Rabbit discover during a fantasy-filled journey to the magical land of Paws. Kitty and Kong: Everybody loves Hello Kitty - even a huge monster named Kong (Grinder)! So get ready for fantastic furry-tale fun in New York City as this daring duo outwits Catnip and her sneaky, flea-bitten plans. Cat Wars: In a galaxy fur, fur away, Princess Kitty and friends unite to save planet Caturn and the entire kitty universe from the purr-fectly clawed clutches of Darth Catnip. It's a high-flyin' sci-fi adventure! Paws - The Great White Dog Shark: Shark! It looks like the beaches of Mayor Fangora's Catalina Island will never be safe again... until Hello Kitty, Lifeguard Sam and Dr. Chip swim in to stop a dreaded great white dog-shark (Grinder)!Classic Cuts Collection - Tough Guys. The Wild One: An angry young Marlon Brando scorches the screen as THE WILD ONE in this powerful '50s cult classic. Brando plays Johnny, the leader of a vicious biker gang that invades a small, sleepy California town. The Harder They Fall: Humphrey Bogart stars in one of his most memorable performances as Eddie Willis, a sportswriter who joins forces with a corrupt boxing promoter named Benko (Rod Steiger). Together, they scheme to deceive Toro Moreno (Mike Lane), a clumsy, seven-foot giant, to a shot at the heavyweight title. Cape Fear: Small-town lawyer Sam Bowden (Gregory Peck) is threatened when torturous Max Cady (Robert Mitchum) re-enters his life. Cady went to jail for 8 years after Bowden testified that Cady attacked a young woman. Now with Cady released, he begins to terrorize Bowden and his family. Spartacus: Stanley Kubrick's film tells the tale of Spartacus (Kirk Douglas), the bold gladiator slave and Varinia (Jean Simmons), the woman who believed in his cause. Challenged by the power-hungry General Crassus (Laurence Olivier), Spartacus is forced to face his convictions and the power of the Imperial Rome at its glorious height.Giordano - Fedora (Gavazzeni, Freni, Domingo). Umberto Giordano's Fedora - An Opera in three Acts. Recorded live at the Teatro alla Scala, Milan, May 1993.Reversible Power Rangers Dress Up Outfit. Protect and serve the galaxy in this Reversible Power Rangers Outfit. Dress up as your favourite Ranger as you attempt to overthrow evil Emperor Grumm. Comes complete with mask and toy gun. Features 100% polyester (excluding trims) Includes mask and toy gunSaved By The Bell - Vol. 3 - Hawaiian Style. Goodbye Bayside High, Alhoa Paradise! In this special feature length episode, Zack and the gang head off on holiday to Hawaii. But there's trouble in paradise, when they discover that a big hotel chain has plans to spoil their idyllic hideaway. Hawaiian Style Rallying to the cause, the gang offer to work free at the hotel, engaging in some sneaky sabotage to attract guests along the way. Meanwhile, Zack has fallen head-over-heels in love with a beautiful local girl and Screech is shocked to find himself being worshipped by the locals, who have mistaken him for a long-lost tribal chief.Speed Grapher - Vol. 5. Tokyo has adopted a new tune as a music box chimes in the night from Suitengo's palm. The tragic melody of a childhood stolen, a soul turned black at the hands of those seduced by greed. Draining the financial lifeblood of the nation, the Goddess has gone commercial, her essence reducing the masses to their baser instincts. Laughter rings down from the heights onto a city infected and dying. DECADENCE - ANGER - CONSPIRACY - LUST - MONEY - CRIME - INNOCENCE - DEATH Yet the damnable underground has a counterpoint, a revolution on the horizon determined to unseat the corrupt. A new leader in the eyes of the idealistic, Saiga is faced with a difficult decision ... to bring the system down alongside the political maverick, or to focus on shielding the innocence of Kagura. But a staggering betrayal shakes the city to its depths as the ultimate administrator of wickedness rises to unleash anarchy. Smile for the camera... all maybe lost in the blink of an eye.Sugababes - Overloaded - The Singles Collection. Tracklisting: 01 Freak Like Me 02 Round Round 03 Red Dress 04 In The Middle 05 Stronger 06 Shape 07 Overload 08 Caught In A Moment 09 Ugly 10 Easy 11 Too Lost In You 12 Run For Cover 13 Hole In The Head 14 Push The ButtonManchester United FC - Own Goals And Gaffes. Would Man U believe it?! Its not always glory, glory Man United. Sometimes things don't go to plan and the Theatre of Dreams can become the Theatre of Screams! United-mad fans Alan Halsall and Andy Whyment (Tyrone and Kirk from Coronation Street) introduce the very best - and very worst - of calamitous clangers and hilarious howlers both for and against the Reds from over the years. Including the daftest own goals, the craziest keeper catastrophes, the dodgiest defending and those misses that left the strikers as red-faced as the United shirt! One United. One Love. Lots of Laughter.Lost Souls. From Janusz Kaminski, the Academy Award-winning cinematographer of Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan, comes the supernatural thriller Lost Souls. It stars Winona Rider as devout Catholic Maya Larkin, who is convinced that the devil is about to walk the earth, and Ben Chaplin as non-believer Peter Kelson, whose soul is the battleground for the forces of good and evil. When the two of them unite to fight against the infinite nature of evil, they uncover a vast conspiracy to claim Peter's soul and to establish a new world order controlled by the Anti-Christ...Bulldog Bash 2004. Welcome to the 2004 Bulldog Bash, an awesome hardcore festival run by bikers for bikers and not for the faint of heart! This unique UK event has been held for the past 18 years at Long Marston airfield within spitting distance of the historic town of Stratford-upon-Avon. The Bulldog Bash is organised by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (England & Wales) for lovers of all things fast, metallic and exotic. Join Louis Brady as she finds out what makes this biker-fest so popular with such a diverse range of people. Accompanied by Baz, one of the organisers, she visits the drag strip, which always attracts super fast cars and bikes including many jet-powered drag vehicles, such as the amazing Fireforce 1 and 2 jet cars. Another popular event is 'Run What You Brung', which sees amateurs hurtling down the track as fast as they dare! Also on show are many weird and wonderful creations in the custom bike tent, which can only be described as works of art. And for the first time this year, there was a custom car exhibition as well. The 2004 Bulldog Bash had everything a petrolhead could wish for! But don't just take our word for it...Wing Chun For Beginners. The complete step by step guide to training in the basic Wing Chun system. Stretching and conditioning techniques, applications of form, basic sparring and grading syllabus are covered as well as a break down of Sil Lim Tao (little ideas form) fully revealed for the first time. A must have for all Martial Artists.Lead Sleds And Low Riders. Sleek, smooth, sculptured sedans are the stars of Autorama, America's premier custom car show. Spread over a dozen exhibition halls in Sacramento, California, it's big in size as well as star quality. Here we cruise the 1996 show, zoom in for a close-up look at the cars, talk to builders and enthusiasts and survey an endless stretch of polished chrome.The Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children. From pre-trip planning to pre-empting and dealing with challenges when away, The Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children is the ultimate comprehensive guide to hassle-free family travel. With the low-down on everything from planning your itinerary and accommodation to what to bring and how to pack it, the guide is packed with tips on painless travel by plane, car, bus or train, as well how to deal with delays, queues and travel sickness. Insiders' tips from destinations all around the globe ensure you'll know what to expect when you arrive. You'll find thoroughly researched and accessible advice on coping with the challenges once you're there, from eating out with toddlers to getting enough sleep. Ideal for busy parents, the guide comes complete with listings of resources, websites and further reading, plus handy checklists, first-hand stories and advice from travel industry experts and parents who've been there and done it.You Are What You Eat - Healthy Eating And Fitness Plan. In the hugely successful Channel Four series 'You Are What You Eat', Dr Gillian McKeith changed the lives of some of Britain's worst eaters. Now it's your turn to get up close and personal with the shock doc of nutrition as she guides you through her Healthy Eating and Fitness Plan. This unique 2 disc DVD details every step of the journey to better health through an easy-to-follow series of questionnaires, nutritional information, list of common ailments, tasty recipes and some gentle exercise... which you can tailor to your own particular needs using the personal analysis information on the DVD Menus. To support your plan we have included a full free colour personal food diary and created an exclusive 'You Are What You Eat' Healthy Living DVD website containing nutritional information and recipes, as well as details on farmers' markets, health food stores and organic food retailers around the UK. (Password for the site can be found on the DVD discs.) Follow this Healthy Eating and Fitness Plan and within a very short time you too will start to feel and see the difference! It's your personal key to healthy living and a healthier life.Trollz - Best Friends For Life: The Movie. WELCOME TO THE TROLLZ' WORLD Meet Onyx, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby and Topaz five gal Trollz who love shopping, boys, clothes and bit of Magic! Join the Trollz on their first adventure where, no matter where they go and what they do, they will always be Best Friends for Life!Bratz Fashion Trainer - Pink. Fashionably step out in these Pink Bratz Trainers. These trendy pumps feature a velcro fastening and lots of themed designs including an image of blonde brat Cloe. Features Padded lining Bratz design- Cloe image Sequinned Velcro fastening Ruber soleScooby Doo And The Alien Invader. A cosmic case of UFO's intergalactic intrigue and out of this world romance launches Scooby, Shaggy and the Mystery, Inc. kids into their most unearthly adventure ever! Stranded in a remote desert town, the gang soon discovers the place is crawling with flying-saucer buffs, secretive scientists.. and less -than- friendly extraterrestrials! Then, after being chased by aliens and beamed aboard a UFO, something even weirder happens to Shaggy and Scooby - they fall head over heals in love! As clues to the mystery of the alien invaders lead them from a top-secret government research base to a huge network of caves hidden under the town, our love-struck heroes join the rest of the gang in a race to crack a case the redefines the term 'far out!'.Girls Bratz Moviez Knickers - Pack of 3. Soft and comfy in cotton, these three Bratz Moviez Knickers feature images of these fashionistas on the front. Each pair has an elasticated waist and bow detail at the front.   Features 100% cotton 3 pairs of hipster knickers Bratz transfers Elasticated waist Independence Day [Special Edition]. Alien spaceships are hovering over major cities around the world and, at first, it is not known whether their intentions are good or evil. It soon becomes apparent that they are not friendly! Can the world be saved? Find out in ID4 - Independence Day!Blinds Express Emma Magnolia Vertical Blind. These Vertical Blinds offer a stylish and inexpensive way to dress your window creating a clean "no fuss" finish. Each vertical blind will consist of a robust white aluminium headrail and fabric vanes, with weights and chains pre-assembled and made to your exact specifications allowing you to install the blinds in minutes. Please select the product ensuring you select the correct size to calculate theprice (e.g window size 123cm wide x 133cm drop - size selection should be 150cm x 150cm). Features 44 fabric choices Made to your exact size requirements Choice of control and stack options Can be fixed inside or outside the recess No cutting or trimming required 7 day delivery to your home or local store Blinds are made to measure (you will be contacted once your order is placed) Buy blind size which can be cut down to your required measurement Woolworths Online Sale | Woolworths Direct, UK.

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Woolworths Shopping, UK: Shopping At Woolworths Has Never Been So Easy …

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Woolworths is a favourite British department store. With numerous stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland, big stores, small stores - in town and out of town - and an excellent retail website, Woolworths are committed to offering UK shoppers ever greater value, the widest of choices and excellent Woolworths service in every way that's possible.

Woolworths sells both UK products and international brands, and Woolworths are the number one UK retailer of many products, with a selection of home entertainment products - DVDs, Videos, Digital Music downloads, PC and video games and lots more!

The Woolworths UK Store is well known for it's quality products and extensive range of affordable music and unique range of garden furniture:
  • Woolworths store has one of the best selections of digital music and DVDs of any UK online department store
  • The Woolworths Online Store has an outstanding collection of unique products - and the best prices!
  • At Woolworths Online, as in any Woolworths store, you'll find a strong commitment to great prices throughout
  • The Woolworths Direct team has an equally strong commitment to making your shopping experience fun - and also very affordable!
  • At Woolworths Website, as with any Woolworths transaction, whether in-store or via the Woolworths Catalogue, you'll find well-trained staff committed to quality service
The enviable reputation of Woolworths has been established over many decades, and is built upon the well-founded principles of respecting one's customers and offering value for money. Woolworths brand-name which is recognised throughout the UK, and also far beyond. When you buy from Woolworths Website you wont be disappointed!

Select the following Woolworths link to buy home goods, clothes, electronics and more, at the Woolworths UK Website

F.W. Woolworths, a subsidiary of its US parent, was founded in the UK in 1909 as part of its parent company's global expansion plan. The first Woolworths store opened in Liverpool, beginning a rapid roll out throughout the UK. F.W. Woolworth was subsequently listed on the London Stock Exchange with its US parent retaining a majority shareholding. In 1982 Paternoster Stores, the forerunner to present day Kingfisher, acquired the entire Woolworths business in the UK. [ Source: www.Woolworths.co.uk ]

The wide array of products on offer at Woolworths is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Woolworths offers to take advantage of:

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, at Woolworths
Mount your broomstick for the favourite sport of witches and wizards. Lead any of the Hogwarts houses to victory in the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup. Then select an international team and use your new skills to take aim at the Quidditch World Cup! Compete in the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup as Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Draco Malloy's Slytherin. Take control of an international team in pursuit of the greatest Quidditch prize of all - the Quidditch World Cup. Play the best Quidditch teams in the world, each with its own distinctive playing style (USA, England, France, Germany, the Nordic Team, Japan, Spain, Australia and Bulgaria - featuring Viktor Krum). Go head-to-head with your friends in magical, 2-player action.. Master 6 different Quidditch challenges around Hogwarts.

Smash Hits Firesticks Beat Master, at www.Woolworth
Dream up your own dramatic drum solo on this awesome Smash Hits Drum Machine. Packed with helpful training programmes, different drum sounds and 16 selectable rhythms, this first class piece of kit comes with 2 drum eye-catching light effect drum sticks. Suitable for ages 6+ Features   8 high sensitive drum pads 4 different drum sounds (pop, disco, hip hop, rock) Light effect drum sticks (4 colours) 16 selectable rhythms to play along with 16 Follow Me drum patterns to learn from Aux/CD input with volume control Instructions included Includes 6 x AA batteries  

Beat The Intro 3 [Interactive DVD Game], at www.Woolworth
Beat the Intro is back bigger and better than ever. With thousands of questions spanning 6 decades of some of the best selling music tracks, you are guaranteed never to play the same game twice. This new edition has more music, more questions and will bring you more entertainment than any other music quiz. With the Music Super Quiz you can select Quick Fire rounds or go Head to Head in the music challenge, you can even keep your own personalised score! Challenge your friends, your family and yourself against the clock with the music game that will have you hooked.

Road House 2, at Woolworth
Shane Tanner (Johnathon Schaech) is an undercover DEA agent with all the right moves. He's put away his share of dealers, but hasn't made a big-time bust-time bust. When a deadly drug runner begins terrorising his uncle Nate's bar in Lousuana, Shane leaves New York and heads south, determined to settle the score.

The Riddle Of Rudolph Hess/Himmler's Castle, at www.Woolworths
THE RIDDLE OF RUDOLPH HESS On 10th of May 1941 Rudolph Hess, former deputy Fuhrer of the Third Reich, made an extraordinary solo flight to Britain. Was Hess attempting to make peace with the British prior to the German invasion of the Soviet Union? Was the Duke of Hamilton, on whose Scottish estate Hess attempted to land, an intermediary for the British aristocracy and high-ranking Nazis? Why did the British Government, instead of treating the incident as a propaganda coup, shroud the affair in a web of official secrecy? HIMMLER'S CASTLE Deep in the Wesphalian countryside Heinrich Himmler transformed an ancient castle into a secret centre for DD rites and rituals. The site had been chosen by Himmler's personal clairvoyant advisor Karl Maria Wiligut and was intended to become the Vatican City of the 1000 year Reich. What were the mysterious ceremonies performed in the castle crypt? Did Himmler really believe that the castle would be the spiritual focal point of the final great battle between East and West? What became of the contents of Himmlet's secret safe, hidden deep in the castle vaults and removed by American forces in 1945?

Boys Canvas Parker Jacket With Mittens, at www.Woolworths
He'll be nice and snug in this faux-fur lined Canvas Parker. In a neutral khaki shade, it has a fur-rimmed hood, two front pockets and a front-button fastening. It even has detachable mittens, for extra warmth! Features Outer: 100% cotton, Inner: 100% polyester Faux-fur lining Faux-fur rimmed hood Long sleeves 4 pockes (2 slits) Button fastening Detachable mittens

Thomas the Tank Engine Chair, at Woolworths
Snuggly up in this cosy Thomas the Tank Engine Chair. This adorable chair features a removable and washable cover and an inflatable base for maximum comfort.   Suitable for ages 18 months+ Features Removable and washable cover Inflatable base  

Army, at Woolworths
Renowned for his bravery, major Arjun Singh ranks among the elite group of officers in the armed forced. Geeta a lawyer, Arjun Singh falls in love and soon ties the knot. Arjun Singh has a unique sense of humour and pretends to be dead on a number of occasions. Geeta obviously hates this prank which one day becomes a reality. Arjun Singh is assassinated by a terrorist Nagraj and his friends Pancham and Rahul in a bid to free his sister Gayatri from their clutches. Geeta's life comes to a standstill. She also fails to get justice from the court of law adding insult to her grave loss. Geeta decides to take law in her own hands. She comes across Kishan, Kevin, Karta, Khan, Kabir all prisoners convicted for murder and sentenced to death and later masterminds their escape from her brother jailer Raghbir's Singh's prisons with the single objective of destroying those who destroyed her life. These five men comprise her 'ARMY'.

Charlie And Lola - 4, at Woolworths
This DVD includes the following episodes from Series 1: - I Like My Hair Completely The Way It Is. - I Do Not Ever, Never Want My Wobbly Tooth To Fall Out. - I Must Take COmpletely Everything. - I Am Hurrying I'm Almost Nearly Ready! - I Want To Be Much More Bigger Like You. - But I Am An Alligator. - Snow Is My Favourite And My Best.

Are You Being Served? - The Complete Fifth Series, at Woolworths
Welcome to Grace Brothers, an ailing department store where the management are beginning to show signs of wear and the staff are clashing! The complete fifth series starring Mr I'm Free Humphries, outrageously bouffant Mrs Slocombe, naive Miss Brahms, haughty Captain Peacock and the rest of the Grace Brothers staff. Includes: Mrs Slocombe Expects A Change Is As Good As A Rest Founder's Day The Old Order Changes Take-Over Goodbye, Mr Grainger It Pays To Advertise

Two-Tone Toilet Roll Holder, at www.Woolworth
This sleek chrome toilet roll holder is easy to wall mount and comes with all fixings. Features Modern chrome design Easy to mount on wall Fixings and instructions included

American Pie Band Camp/40 Year Old Virgin, at Woolworth
American Pie: Band Camp - Get ready for another hilarious slice of American Pie - one of the biggest comedy franchises of all time! In 'American Pie presents: Band Camp', Stifler's younger brother Matt is sentenced to a summer at the infamous band camp where he creates even more mischief with hidden cameras and hot counsellors. But when he falls for fellow bandie Elyse, his efforts to stifle his Stiffmeister ways will surely meet with outrageous results. Jim's dad (Eugene Levy) returns as a quirky counsellor who tries to help Stifler's little brother get back on track. With utterly hilarious scenes and more laugh-out-loud antics, join the band in this must-see continuation of the American Pie series! 40 Year-Old Virgin - 40-year old Andy Stizer (Steve Carell) has done quite a few things in his life. He's got a cushy job at an electronics superstore, a nice apartment with a proud collection of action figures. But there's just one thing he hasn't gotten around to doing yet... Andy's never, ever had sex - not even by accident. A big deal? Well, for Andy's buds at the store, it sure is. Although they think he's a bit of an oddball, they consider it their duty to help Andy out of his dire situation. But nothing works, until he meets Trish (Catherine Keener), a 40-year old mother of three. Andy's friends are psyched by the possibility that 'it' may finally happen... until they hear about an amazing arrangement between the two lovers!

WWE - Taboo Tuesday, at Woolworths
October 19, 2004: World Wrestling Entertainment presented its first-ever interactive event...Taboo Tuesday! Live truly came alive with WWE's most revolutionary event, as fans influenced the fate of WWE's Superstars by choosing matches and stipulations - creating an unforgettable night of unpredictable excitement. World Heavyweight Championship Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels Eugene vs. Eric Bischoff Randy Orton vs Ric Flair Kane vs. Gene Snitsky. Intercontinental Championship Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin Christy vs. Carmella Fulfil Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal for the Women's Championship Trish Stratus vs. Victoria vs. Molly Holly vs. Jazz vs. Nidia vs. Gail Kim vs. Stacy Keibler. World Tag Team Championship La Resistance vs. Edge & Chris Benoit.

Power Rangers Slips - Pack of 5, at www.Woolworth
You can wear a different ranger each day of the week with this Pack of 5 power Rangers Slips. Made from pure cotton. Features Pure cotton 5 assorted designs Machine washable

The Magical Adventures of the Wishing Chair, at Woolworths
The Adventures of the Wishing Chair Mollie and Peter are in for all sorts of adventures when they find the Wishing Chair by accident in an antiques shop one day. Soon they've rescued Chinky the pixie from the cruel giant who'd kept him as a slave. Together, they embark on adventures which take them to enchanting worlds, like the Land of Dreams and the Disappearing Island. The Wishing Chair Again Chinky, Mollie and Peter have more adventures this holiday, rescuing a naughty brownie from Mr Grimm's School for Bad Brownies - who turns out to be so naughty, Mr Spells turns his hands blue to teach him a lesson. There are more exciting lands to visit, and they even have to save Chinky and the chair from the wicked giant, Twisty.

LG HT552TH Home Theatre System, at Woolworths
This LG HT552TH Home Theatre System delivers exceptional sound quality, giving you a more enjoyable listening and viewing experience. It features a 500W home cinema system with tallboy speakers, V.S.M (Virtual 10.1Ch sound), HDMI, 1080i up-scaling and USB port. Features Listening Total 500W (70WX5 + 150W) XTS Pro Digital Amplifier V.S.M (Virtual 10.1Ch Sound) Viewing Progressive Scan Maximum Playback Compatibility DivX / DVD±RW/R /WMA/MP3/JPEG HDMI Sharing USB Plus Portable Audio In (3.5 Stereo In)

Practical Boater - Your New Outboard Powered Boat, at Woolworths
The definitive resource for selecting, purchasing, owning and operating Outboard Power Boats. Our experts give valuable tips and operations techniques to familiarize you with your new outboard boat. This programme is the perfect guide to enhance your nautical knowledge and improve your boating skills. Topics Include: Power Boat Styles. Launching & Loading. Power & Propulsion. Safety Guidelines. Basic Maneuvering. Docking & Fueling. Maintenance Tips. And more!

Slawter, at Woolworth
There are more chills and thrills in Darren Shan's latest Demonata title, now in paperback. Let the Slawter commence...Never trust fairy tales. There are no happy endings. There's always something new around the corner. You can overcome major obstacles, face great danger, look evil in the eye and live to tell the tale - but that's not the end. As long as you're breathing, your story's still going! Nightmares haunt the dreams of Dervish Grady since his return from the Demonata universe, but Grubbs takes care of his uncle as they both try to continue a normal, demon-free existence. When a legendary cult director calls in Dervish as consultant for a new horror movie, it seems a perfect excuse for a break from routine and a chance for some fun. But being on the set of a town called Slawter stirs up more than memories for Grubbs and his friend Bill-E.

The Score, at Woolworths
Nick Wells is ready to retire from crime. He'll settle down with his girlfriend, Diane, and focus on running his legitimate business, a Montreal jazz club. But Max, his fence, friend and financial partner, has other plans for him. Persuading Nick to violate two of his most important rules - always work alone and never operate in the city where you live - Max teams up with Jack Teller. A young aggressive, talented thief, Jack needs Nick's safe-cracking talents to make his first big score: a prize worth millions locked behind the walls of Montreal's Custom House. It's a volatile combination in which egos clash and sparks fly, but the thrill of the heist has a grip on all three men, who won't give up no matter what the risk.

Ma Vie En Rose, at Woolworths
Ludo lives with his loving family in a candy-coloured Paris suburb. Life is sweet. But there's a problem. Ludo knows what he wants. He has a dream. Ludo wants to be a girl. Hilarious and heart-rendering, a beautiful, bittersweet story of magic, desire and difference, the award-winning Ma Vie En Rose features a truly stunning performance from the extraordinary Georges Du Fresne.

Yes - Classic Artists Vol. 3, at Woolworths
The Story of Yes is as controversial as their music. The twists and turns of the band's career is now told for the first time in a series of exclusive interviews with Yes members part and present for this definitive and fully authorised DVD documentary. Packed with original music, rare and unseen photographs from personal collections, performance archive and music promos.

Mermaids and Pirates: Telescope Overboard - An Embossed Storybook, at Woolworths
Oh no! Peter has dropped his telescope overboard. Katie and Tiny Turtle rush to the rescue. Will they find it and save the day? The textured areas help the pictures come to life. Developed using Katie's experience with her own children and their different needs, this is a book suitable for children of all abilities. The bright and colourful pictures, touch and feel elements and clear text make this a fun and stimulating book that everyone can enjoy.

Oswald - Hats Off To Oswald, at www.Woolworths
Ball Of Wool - When Weenie's favourite toy bounces out of the flat and starts to unravel, it wreaks havoc in Big City. But there are lots of fun things you can do with a ball of wool too... One More Marshmallow - Oswald sets out to get Henry another marshmallow to go with his cocoa, he doesn't dream he'll end up high in the sky above Big City... Cloud Collecting - After viewing his friends' collection of various objects, Oswald feels inspired to start a collection of his own. But some things in the world are there to be admired and not collected. The Sniffles - Oswald goes to get some cocoa for Henry, who has a case of the Arctic Sniffles. On his journey, Oswald encounters his friends, who all prescribe different cures!

Boys Fleece Pyjamas - Blue, at Woolworth
Keep your little one warm and snug at bedtime with these blue Fleece Pyjamas, with an image of a dog on the front. Matching bottoms include an all over print of the dog accompanied with the words 'Sleepy head'. Features Top: 100% fleece, Bottoms: 100% cotton  

Man Of The West, at Woolworths
In his last great role, Gary Cooper powerfully demonstrates why he will forever be remembered as one of the most original and authentic stars of the screen. When the train he is on gets robbed, Link Jones (Cooper) finds himself unwillingly reunited with his old gang. Dock Tobin (Lee J. Cobb), the gang's sadistic, half-crazed patriarch, was like a father to Link some twenty years ago and welcomes him back. To survive, Link must take up his old ways - his killing ways. What was once his family has now become his hell. Renowned for his breathtakingly violent fist fight between Cooper and bad guy Jack Lord (Hawaii Five-O), director Anthony Mann's powerful allegory has since gained a reputation as one of the finest achievements of the golden age of westerns.

Tough Kids Digital Camera - Blue, at Woolworths
This Tough Kids Digital Camera in blue is great for snap happy pre-schoolers. It features dual handle grips, easy controls and a USB cable for downloading straight to a PC. Features 2 eye viewer Dual handle grips Easy controls 1.6" colour LCD preview screen USB cable for downloading onto PC Auto-flash 8mb memory plus an SD slot for extra capacity (sold separately) Requires 4 x AA batteries and 1 x CR2032 button cell battery

Spiral - Vol. 5: The Melody Of Logic, at Woolworths
Rio and Hiyono are now safe after their kidnapping and subsequent rescue, and all seems well. That is until the ever elusive Kanone shows up in Japan. Before Ayumu can soak in the consequences of his arrival, the young Sayoko finds herself targeted by a Hunter! Ayumu faces his most powerful enemy yet, and it's the last person he'd expect! Meanwhile, Madoka encounters someone from the past whose intentions are worse than death.

James Brown - Live, at Woolworths
Soul Brother Number One, the Godfather of Soul, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, Mr. Dynamite - those are mighty titles, but no one can question that James Brown (who sadly died 25th December 2006) earned them more than any other performer. Other singers were more popular, others were equally skilled, but few other African-American musicians were so influential over the course of popular music. And no other musician, pop or otherwise, put on a more exciting, exhilarating stage show: Brown's performances were marvels of athletic stamina and split-second timing. The Godfather of Soul performs live in this legendary concert in Chastain Park. His trademark footwork and signature sound make welcome appearances as he blows the crowd away.

Long Sleeved Bodysuits - 7 Pack, at Woolworths
This 7-Pack of Long Sleeved Bodysuits is great for your newborn. Each adorable outfit features it's own unique design, plus they are machine washable and made from pure cotton.   Features Pure cotton Machine washable at 40 ° Tumble dry

Ambroise Thomas - Hamlet (De Billy, Dessay, Keenlyside), at www.Woolworth
Hamlet - Ambroise Thomas 1811-1896. Opera in five acts. Recorded live at the Gran Teatre del Liceu, October 2003.

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