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Delbert and JoAnn

How it all began.....

Yes, I was there- I saw it with me own 2 I's. Everything you are about to see is real, Politically incorrect, New Mexico Redneck certifiable, and completely 100% Cowboy, bootscootin' truth.

Now one thing is for sure- There are just some things in life that can't be explained. Rednecks are one of'em! Which brings me to The story of Delbert and Jo Ann. See- Delbert is a musician- they are not like the rest of us- they march to the beat of their own drum, which works for him cuz' he is a drummer. Sings Purty good too. Cowboy all the way down to his boots, appreciates a good beer now and then and you won't catch him in a pair of them pink shorts that says make love not war.Calm and Layed back.

Jo Ann on the the other hand, a beautiful redhead with a firey attitude to match. Two very handsome boys

and Weston

she was a 'raisin by herself,a graduate of beauty schoolin' and a conservative member of Honkey tonk U. She was my best friend for a long time and we spent alot of time kissing frogs, crying on each others shoulders..... Looking for that special One.

IT has merrit to say that JoAnn Introduced me to the love of My Life, Jack. Ain't He Purty - Thanks Joann!

Ok Back to Business-

Lilli and Dusty were/are our Hero's .

That is who we wanted to be when we grew up- They were In Love, Crazy about each other, Moved out to the country where they had a Chandelier and could pee off the front porch- Tractors, Cows- they had it all! IT don't get any better than that.

JoJo and Delbert ......This is where it all Starts- The magic, The fantasy of it all. Some people enter love by habit, Some by sparks, Some by catching his eye across the room, Some are bamboozled and some are just overpowered by the magic of Budweiser and Crown..... But For JoAnn,

One Look at Delberts Behind and JoAnn Was Never the same.

So it begins- They spent time together, Playing country music, Going to Beer tastings, Discussing lifes Issues Such as the proper place to leave ones underwear, Where to go to church, The amount of Time one should spend on the internet Looking up redneck Jokes....Etc.

Soon The Question was Popped.... And there was to be a Hitchin'.... I said Hitchin' Not Hanging.