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Guidelines for a Redneck Wedding


Rule1:There should be an open bar at a redneck wedding- BYOB- By this I mean a Horse trough full of Ice. Guests Should donate beer and the like to the Bar.A Beer Sign with the price marked out will be a great addition to the bar area. IN addition, a very classy redneck awning should be in place close to the bar area,to hold tables, Dusty's BBQ, Wedding cakes, Etc.


( The Hosts, Lilli and Dusty)

Rule2: No two tiered anything- It is dangerous unless you have good insurance. ( Note, Rule 1) A single layered Cake To match your Theme will Suffice.

Wedding Cake

Grooms Cake

Rule 3: Your Theme should be within the Jeff Foxworthy Guide Lines of the redneck. Absolutely No puffy dresses, Tuxedo's or Stelletos.( again Refer to Rule #1) Here are some examples of Proper Redneck wedding atire.:

Dusty, Sporting His " Git'R'Done Theme Attire.

Bridal Attire

Grooms Attire

Flower Girls

Brides Maids

Ring Barrers

Redneck Preacher

Rule 4: Proper Wedding Decorations

First, A Redneck Alter


Bridal Bouquet