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This poem was written by me for an English project. If you wish to use it on your website or for some other reason, please e-mail me for permission and remember to give me credit for it. Thank you.

Shark Tail

I see you swimming in the murky depths,
Ambassador of painful death;
You are tried and wrongfully judged,
Throughout the world you are not very loved.

Shark you kind is both large are small,
But many times we donít see you at all;
Shark you are an elusive fish,
And see you more I sometimes wish.

You can eat meat or plankton too,
But shark Iím not afraid of you;
Though you should be afraid of us,
When youíre seen at the beach we make a fuss.

You are hunted for you fins,
Then tossed in the ocean unable to swim;
The cruelty inflicted on you,
Often makes me feel so blue.

So shark I want you to remember this,
Although I like you I wonít kiss;
We are safe from you on sand,
But you are never safe from man

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