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Please be patient, this site is still under major consruction.

The wonders of the sea are as marvelous as the glories of the heavens.
- Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806-73), American scientist

people have been here and no one has been attacked yet.

Click here to read my poem about sharks.


A guide to sharks of the United States and Caribbean.

Atlantic Sharpnose Shark
This sketch was done by Carlos Cardona, contact him at

This is were you find all the page updates


07/8/06 - The Basking shark has been added to the directory.

31/12/05 - The Shark Attacks and ISAF page has finally been put up. As you can see there are new navigation graphics as well.

12/11/05 - As you can see, there are new menu graphics. There has also been a News page added.

03/8/05 - There has been 1 shark added to the directory under the Requiem section.

22/7/05 - There have been 5 sharks added to the directory under the Requiem section.

08/7/05 - I am currently working on trying to get the directory finished. Please be patient, there is a lot of typing to do.

20/11/04 - I got a blog to put the updates in. I also updated the site-title graphic. I have also added a page-title graphic.

When once [the ocean deep] has been seen, it will remain forever the most vivid memory in life, solely because of its cosmic chill and isolation, the eternal and absolute darkness and indescribable beauty of its inhabitants.
- Charles William Beebe (1877-1962), American scientist

Why I Like Sharks

I can't explain why, but I have always loved studying sharks. The fact that they have out lasted any other animal on this planet is amazing. I love a good mystery, and the behavior of sharks is still some what of a mystery. The ultimate job for me would be to study this animals professionaly, and now that I am a certified Scuba diver it is possible for me to do that.

I think my favorite sharks would have to be:
Bull Shark because of its ability to enter fresh water rivers and lakes.
Oceanic Whitetip because it hardly shows fear of divers.
Tiger Shark because of the way it will eat anything that doesn't eat it.

I also believe that the act of commercially fining sharks is completely immoral and wrong. I am glad that more countries are starting to ban shark fining in their waters.

The secret pit of the ocean holds a universe of tangled infinities.
- Joseph MacInnis (b. 1937), Canadian ocean explorer

The images for the background are not mine. Go to Fiona's Shark Mania

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