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R. duckz dollz *quack quack*


Yeah, I know. COrny welcome sign, but hey, I'm not a freakin' HTML guru. I suck...just to put it plainly. But I might buy a book over the summer and by next fall I'll be a stunning 12 year old HTML guru!! How do you like the sound of that???!

Well, instead of buying a regular HTML for Dummies book, maybe I could check it out in the library. I'll ask my Mom to drive me and then I'll read it and copy some pages at home.

ACH!!! I just noticed I'm rambling about how I'm gonna to this crap. Geez, what a dork I am o.O just shoot me.

Have a good summer, Florida it feels like summer...ugh, I hate summer :P(Have you noticed how much I say summer??)

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