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Now let's begin,

Forums ~ Forums are places were people gather to talk about various subject, from 'Christianity' to 'Ph34R t3h Cr4Zy BaNanA oF D00mZorz'.

Online games ~ The best games around, most of them have prizes, the ones here have 2000+ members, no client needed.

Photo hosts~ picture-only webhosts, good places to upload your forum sigs, avatars or whatever picture you feel like uploading.



 For the moment, enjoy some Cynical philosophy, it's hilarious, and this might be the first  time it's presented online in English...


one time, the son of a prostitute was throwing stones at the public, demonstrating in that fashion his feelings. Diogenes told him, watch out with these might hit your father


Another time, a kid was masturbating in the corner of a street... when Diogenes saw that he said: I wish I could rub my belly likewise and stop feeling hungry


One day a beautiful noble woman had diner with him drunk and brought him in her house to have sex, it was dark she put her ugly female servant to have sex with him instead.
When he woke up the next day the noble woman asked him if the sex was good
Diogenes: the best I ever had

noble woman: Actually, you did it with that ugly slave...what do you think now?

Diogenes: oh well, when the lights are out all women are the same