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Adrik. Cuhter. Reznor. Ziven. Others.

For now, this is just a log of the Adrik Rescue RP held on October 6th, 2004 on PernWorld.

Quick footsteps. The voice of one of the guards. "'Ey. What d'you think /you're/ doin', yo..." The sputtering of a dying man, soon followed by the singing of a blade, and the yelp of his companion. The door is soon opened, and there stands Reznor, in usual fighting attire. Only difference? Blood covers his blade, and is spattered on his front. "Adrik."

Calmly sitting on the plain bed of the room, the said Adrik is calmly watching Reznor as the younger man enters. A nod is given, "Reznor." Adrik always remembers names of dangerous men. "What took so long?"

Reznor gives a slight smile, swiping his blade through the air to remove the blood before he sheaths the blade. "It's a long walk, what can I say?" He reaches behind him, pulling a dagger from his waistline, and tosses it to Rik. "Ready to go?"

Adrik's right hand deftly snaps out, catching the thrown dagger, taking a moment to weight the weapon in his hand, twirling it slightly before looking up with a nod. "Quite. This place has become quite a bore." Adrik stands, his free hand going up to comb through his hair as he does. "Only you?" he questions with a raised brow.

"Why would we need any more?" With a wink, the assassin turns, nodding as he places his hand on the door. "Let's get out of here, then." Blade is drawn once more, and Reznor takes a step out of the door, hand automatically reaching in his pouch to remove a spike.

Adrik's brow arches slightly, but a simply nods with a small grin. "Quite a point..." The Renegade leader who'd been locked up for quite some time nods once, slowly following the assassin.

Adrik takes his time as he exits the room he'd been pretty much confined to for a while, letting Reznor lead him out. The dagger in his right hand is twirled unconsciously as the man glaces around the hallway. Bodies are spotted. Dead ones. "Nice work." is commented in a low voice.

Just then, the next door down opens, and the thin, gaunt form of Cuhter steps out, his cane sliding across the floor... thunk, against one of the bodies and the half-blind ex rider pauses a moment at that sensation "waht the... "

Ziven can be seen wandering the halls, looking at a piece of hide in his hand. Those who know him well, would spot something amiss on his shoulder. No longer does it bare the Sr. Apprentice knot, or even that of an apprentice, but one of a Journeyman. However, when something catches his eyes, the healer looks up to spot the dead bodies on the floor, as well as the renegades. For a moment, the healer seems to be in shock, but then he gets his wits about him, "Is anyone alive?" Naturally, as a healer, patients come first.

Reznor smiles back at Adrik, giving the slightest hint of a chuckle, "We'll see how well you do after being cooped up in here, old friend." Even if neither of them are old. Or really friends, even. Cuhter and Ziven's entrances are well noted, and Reznor laughs openly at Ziven's question, "No one but us insane killers. And you two." His blade is twirled lightly, the blade itself coming to rest along the contour of his arm. A stance is taken, and he chuckles softly, "And that will soon be remedied, I assure you."

His thin frame stiffening, Cuhter's eyes lift and turn to stare at Reznor, the cataracts easily visible. His hand clenches on the staff, nostrils flaring a little asthe metallic, bitter smell of fresh blood reaches them - something easily identifiable to someone who had a dragon. His voice drops an octave growling as he lifts his own weight forwards, the staff lifted in front of his chest. "I doubt it..." then he calls louder "Go sound the alarm!" jerking his head slightly to where he'd heard Ziven.

Adrik gives a light laugh as well. "I doubt it, if I know this man." Adrik gives a slight point towards Reznor, and a shrug. "And just so you know, I'll do just fine." The older, not old, Renegade takes one step forward. The dagger is pointed at Ziven. "Not him. I like him." See? Sometimes it's good to be on a Renegade's A-list. Or good list, at least. A brow is arched at Cuhter, but the Renegade doesn't make any other reaction. Ziven gets a eyebrow raised at him. "Want to try it?" the dagger is twirled.

Ziven wrinkles his nose as he takes a step backwards, holding up his hands. "Now then, we don't need any more deaths." He says in a calm manner, "And let you be alone, no way. I'm not letting you out of my sight. Besides, I don't know what I'd do if something happened and I wasn't around to help." He turns to frown slightly at Adrik, "I meant what I said."

Reznor chuckles softly, his tunic dangling at his waist. His chest ripples as he steps forward, the glass spike in his hand glinting slightly in the light. "You doubt it, old man? Then I suggest you advance, and prove your worth to this Hall." A slight pause as he gets into a side stance, dropping low. "Maybe you'll be less hindered in the next life."

The rider seem's oblivoius to Ziven's attempts at peace as he lifts his stick, sliding one foot back, and reaching for his own belt... only to realize he was missing something... mainly a weapon. He grunts a bit, and twirls the waist-high stick about, then guestures, thumbing his nose at Reznor and letting him go first. "Mayhaps you'll release me from my torment then.

"Did you?" Adrik questions, not taking the time to get in a stance like Reznor. No need. The rider is ignored for the most part. "Did you /really/?" Ziven is eyed lightly and after a bit gets a small smirk. "Perhaps you did. Perhaps." Okay, so he's been cooped up for a while. That'd make anyone got a bit crazy, right? The man's free hand goes through his hair once more.

Ziven frowns slightly as he shifts in his spot, "Of course I did." Ziven says softly and shoots a glare at the rider, "Will you stop that, you're going to get yourself hurt, or maybe possibly killed!"

"Oh, I'll release you." Reznor takes the last few steps at a run, slashing his blade upward. It's followed quickly by a spin, and a low stance, the blade singing as it comes around over his head.

Cuhter jerks back as the blade slashes towards his head, blood shimmering along the edge and he bolts forwards, his all muscle body like a spring as he twirls the stick towards the renegades' head... a feint, though, while he tries to slam his forwards-foot into Raznor's knee. Being half blind, his aim is likely to be off.

"Well, then... if you did, perhaps you wouldn't mind helping us out a little..." Adrik smirks toward Ziven, twirling the dagger in his hand a bit more. Fun. The older man takes a few steps forward, closer to Ziven. "Now, I'm not one to usualy steep to taking... hostages, if you will... but one might come in handy right now, you know." a pause. "You want to do this the easy way, or hard?" Cliche... but it works.

"Shardit, I said /stop/. I told you to /take it easy/. This is /not/ taking it /easy/!" Ziven shouts at Cuhter, seeming highly annoyed. "Don't make me drag you to the infirmary!" And then his attention is captured by Adrik and he lifts a brow, backing up slightly as the man closes in. "I uh...I'm not sure what you're getting at."

Reznor sighs happily as he brings his leg forward, throwing his weight into the old rider, then sliding around to drop the blade back on top of him. Reznor seems to be enjoying this a bit too much... like a child playing with a doll. It's all just a game. And everyone else is just a pawn in his sadistic game of chess.

Cuhter goes down easily, crashing to the floor with the renegade on top of him. But the rider was down, but not out yet as he lifts his stick to block the blade, but again blood flows and the rider grunts, and snaps his knee up towards Reznor's buttocks as hard as possible, while his hands grasp for Rez' shoulders. If he gets a grip, he simply snaps his head forwards to rez. Course, IF this all works.

"It's quite easy. Let me explain." Adrik might seem totally focused on Ziven now. Doesn't mean he is... he takes a few more, quickers steps. "See, I take you, and /pretend/ that I'll kill you if anyone tries to stop us. This way, less people will try to and less will have to die. Understand now?" Adrik takes a moment to call to Reznor. "Need a little help over there? You're taking some time."

Ziven frowns as he watches Cuhter, "Stop it! Both of you, no one needs to get hurt, just stop!" Of course, who will listen to the poor healer. He'd edge towards Cuhter, but that would mean placing himself in danger, and of course, trying to go through Adrik to get to the man. "Err...if it means your...friend?...there will stop?"

Reznor grunts slightly as he takes the kick in the arse, then jams the butt of his blade at the rider's nose. A quick glance to Adrik shows how he really feels, the smirk on his face near mischievious. "Just havin' a bit of fun, Adrik. I can finish him, if you'd like. Gotta lotta fight in 'im."

There's a sickening crack as the rider's nose is broken, having connected squarely with the hilt and he grunts, finally shoving with all his might to upset reznor's seat on him. Just then there's a wailing scream as an NPC healer Stupd hurtles out from beyond the two, racing right for Reznor.

"He's just having a bit of fun..." Adrik gives Ziven a shrug as he looks over his shoulder at Reznor ust before the younger Renegade replies. Adrik gives a frown, then a shrug. "Don't kill him... just leave him with a reminder." Ziven is turned to once more. "Okay? Now, just come here..." The empty hand is held out.

Ziven arches a brow as he shoots Cuhter a worried look, shifting nervously in his spot. "That is fun? It's inhumane." But the healer merely watches, moving towards Adrik helplessly. "Just, can we drop him off by the infirmary so he can get immidiate attention?"

Never. Ever. Run up on an assassin in the middle of playtime. Ever. Remember the glass spike? It's now deeply lodged in the Stupd's throat, Reznor's legs flexing as he stands, swiping up through the poor Healer. "Done. Let's go." Another swipe of his blade removes the blood, and he looks down at Cuhter. A small bow is given before he looks to Adrik.

Cuhter seems rather dazed, the blood from his nose now trickling down his face as he blinks repeatedly, Stupd's body pinning him down now as he growls ferally, moving to try and get up. "You... " he utters, an enraged look on his face, even while he's unable to get pu.

"He'll be fine." Adrik replies to Ziven as his hand grabs for the young healer, taking a step closer to Ziven as he does so. "This is the healer hall, no? Someone'll be by to help him after we're gone, I'm sure." If it works out how Adrik means for it to, he'd be standing next to Ziven, one hand on the healer's back leading him while the other holds the dagger. Reznor is glanced at, then the bodies... dead and alive. "Good." time to start walking?

Ziven rolls his eyes "He doesn't /look/ fine, to me. All injuries must be treated, something you fail to notice even though your people have suffered. Why should innocent people be hurt, or killed for a simple cause that can be executed without any injuries?" However, the healer is hopeless and waits for the man to lead him downstairs.

Reznor nods a bit, and heads down the stairs, blade in front of him defensively. Another glass spike has been drawn from his pouch, and he walks cautiously, holding a hand up as he reaches the bottom of the stairs, looking around. Not that everyone in the Hall is surely awake, what with the screaming and everything. He'll go first, either way.

"He doesn't look fine to me, either. Understand that." Adrik replies after Reznor has left. "But I can't risk not getting out of here for his sake. There are reasons I must return. A few injuries won't kill him before help arrives." And then Adrik starts leading Ziven, following Reznor.

Ziven frowns slightly as he is led by Adrik down the stairs, "I still don't like it." Ziven mutters, "I don't like it one bit." But he closes his mouth, less psycho-killer not listen to the older man.

Having heard the noise from the infirmary, Kristhalis is making his way quickly up the stairs. "What in faranth is going on here?" he calls to the group as he meets them on the landing. Not imposing in height or frame, just in voice.

Reznor isn't a psycho-killer. He's just an assassin. That does his job a little too thoroughly. "Like it or not, we're getting out of here. Easy or hard, we're leaving." He steps fully into the room, scanning the area with a quick spin, and nods. "I don't see anything." And then Kristhalis makes his entrance. "Oh, by the first egg." It always goes wrong. Always. "A lot. And I'd suggest you not interrupt our progress towards the front door."

"I've always prefered easy when it meant keeping my word." Adrik mutters lightly as he continues leading Ziven. As Kristhalis is heard the dagger in Adrik's right hand is moved to the side of Ziven's neck, Tip pointed directly at the skin. "Also, if you try, I'm afraid my arm may... jolt a bit."

"Kris! There's an emergancy up the stairs, one of our patients is down. He might have a broken nose, and internal injuries that /need/ attention. Don't worry about me, go help him!" Ziven tells the other man, "I'll be fine!" And then to the renegades, "I'm a healer, I have to worry about the safety of others, it's my job." The healer winces slightly as he feels the blade against his skin but doesn't move.

Kristhalis looks between the armed men and his former mentee and freezes for a moment, then glances down him at the landing to make sure no others are around before turning back to the group. "Come now, there is no need for this...just let Ziven go.." he says trying to steady his voice, a bit shaky with fear as he sees the situation. "I Will leave you to it if you release the healer..." As he speaks he slowly moves toward the group, eyes on the blade at Ziven's neck.

The Glass Assassin gives a soft smile, sheathing his blade. "Take another step, and I'll make sure you limp for the rest of your life, Healer." The renegade quirks an eyebrow up, his hands at his sides. His tunic is dangling from his waistline, blood covering much of his bared flesh. Mmmm. Bared flesh.

Adrik smirks a bit, turning the dagger so that the blade shines a bit. Kristhalis gets a raised eyebrow. "I don't believe you are in /any/ position to speak. How about this... We take the healer, you go up and help the injured man, without raising any alarm for some time, and I won't drive this dagger through the boy's throat. And you'll live as well, that way."

Ziven rolls his eyes, "Kris, will you listen to me just once in your life? Don't worry about me, go help the patient, he might /die/, I'll be fine."

Kristhalis is obviously caught in dealing with the crisis that he cant see and the one that is laid out right before his eyes. He can not help but notice the blood on the man's shirt and wonder whose it is, one of his apprentices, one of his teachers? He swallows and slowly takes another step forward, hands extended ,"I will not raise the alarm if you just release the healer.."

Reznor smiles a bit, flicking his fingers. The glass shard darts out, aimed for the Healer's knee. The next movement brings his blade out of the sheath in a spin, the edge coming to rest on Kristhalis' tunic, should he be given the chance. "I warned you."

"This healer isn't being released unless he is dead." Adrik replies to Kristhalis in a calm, even tone. And let me assure you, if you raise the alarm, not only guards will come out to 'stop' us, but students and patients. And I assure you, we can kill them as quick as they come. Now, you have a decision to make." a pause. "More death, including your own by the blade pressed against your body, or help a possibly dying man."

Ziven sighs quietly, muttering to himself, "Stupid stubborn healers..." He trails off quietly, looking highly annoyed, and just a little scared.

As he takes another step forward the glass shard does fly into Kris's thigh, and there is a cry of surprise at the pain and he takes a stumbling step back against the wall, his already pale features dropping down a few more notches. One hand slides down his side and grasps at the glass shard and cuts his hand as well. "Please just let him go..." he gets out in a strain voice. His pained blue eyes dart down the hallway.

Cuhter's shouting voice canbe heard echoing down the hallway. Its hard to make out thewords, but they sound rather unprintable.

Reznor steps back, pulling the blade away from the Healer's skin. "Go help your friend." He steps off, toward the next room. Non-chalant like and all. Because that's what badasses do. "Let's get out of here. I'm already sick of this place."

"Yes, your healer friend is stubborn. Very much so. A good friend, it seems, though." Adrik whispers this to Ziven in reply to the muttering. "Sorry, but he will be released later... given that you don't aleart anyone before we are out of danger." Adrik gives a reply to Kristhalis before giving Ziven a little nudge with his hand, bringing the dagger a few inches away from the boy's skin as he does so. "Imagine how I feel," he said towards Reznor lightly.

Blood drips from the Journeyman's leg, his jaw tensing again the pain. He looks between the other healer then Adrik, "If there is so much as a nick on him you will know what pain truly is" he comments shakily and takes steps along the wall, using it as support as he tries to move toward the others that may be injured.

A sweet, cooing voice calls back to Kristhalis, "I wouldn't move that leg too much. You think you're in pain now? Wait until that glass shatters." Reznor smiles a bit as he heads down the hallway, quite proud of his own devious inventions. "Hopefully this leg of the trip won't be so... eventful." Sneer.

"I've experienced my share of pain, I'll have you know. In more forms than I'm sure you've heard of." Adrik is smirking as he says that and starts leading Ziven with his hand. "We can only hope that it will be quieter." he comments to Reznor.

And so ended their spectacular adventure! After RP will follow some other time, when none of the players involved are dog-tired. ;D