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"Responsible for (mildly) entertaining (a few of my friends) for about a week"


Welcome to my rickety, earthquake-damaged shack on the web

    After a year at university I've become quite domesticated, so it's not too shabby here at the mo. After seeing how cool all my friends' websites were I thought I'd post some stuff on the web too (not that I'd be jumping on any bandwagons here :-). Have fun exploring, whoever you may be! You're all welcome, even Americans (leave your guns on the doorstep please). As of yet there's no subscription fee...I'll have to see if it gets popular. Navigation is at the bottom, my email address is under 'links'. Please email to tell me if it's cool, fun, slightly boring, bad, or deeply offensive. Honestly, I'd like to know - I can handle the truth people.

Doodle: (last updated 23/7/03)

Lyric of the week: (21/7/03)

Old man sitting by the side of the road with the lorries rolling by,

Blue moon sinking from the weight of the load and the buildings scrape the sky.

It's from a rather excellent Neil Young song, so which one? Clue (I'm feeling generous): American Beauty. You can email me the answer if you want...I won't win anything (except my admiration I guess...what a prize!). If I get FB on this one then I'll start giving prizes.

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