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Academy Turtles

The Warthman Academy wants its students to learn to properly care for pets and to develop a genuine love for animals of all kinds.
We have a desert terrarium with an Australian Bearded Dragon. Our 6 aquariums have about 50 fish, most of them mollies. The real stars of the show, however, are our two hatchling Red Eared Slider turtles, Mickey and Sushi.

  Turtles make great pets. They do take some work, but not much more than an aquarium. They are interesting to watch and fascinating to study, even if you are in the first grade.


Mickey is the first hatchling we got. His name used to be Slick, but that was voted out. (Mrs. Warthman thinks the students watch too much "House of Mouse" and would rather have a different name than Mickey, but she was outvoted.)

Mickey has been part of the family since November 2004.

All of these pictures were taken in February 2005.

Mickey lives in a 10 gallon aquarium that is almost (but not quite) full. He has a ramp to climb up onto when he wants to get out of the water.

Here is Mickey swimming. You can see the bottom of his ramp in the background.

Here he is coming right at you!

Mickey hanging out at the surface. You can see his refelction, upside down.

This picture givse you a good look at his shell. He is still very young, so it is green and yellow.
It will get darker as he ages.
You can also see the red spot on his head. This is why they are called "Red Eared Sliders."


We just got Sushi yesterday! (2-4-05) He hasn't gotten his picture taken yet. As soon as we do get a photo shoot done, he'll be here.
  Sushi is just a tiny bit bigger than Mickey. His ear spots don't seem as bright, but that could have been because he was nervous about being transported.
His shell seems duller than Mickey's. I don't know if he is sick, or at a different growing stage, or if than is just what he looks like.
  I got some antibacterial dip, just in case (for both of their sakes) and some shell conditioner. It is like putting lotion on his shell, a bit of a strange feeling.

Here is a picture of Mickey with a ruler. It isn't really a pretty picture, but it shows how big (little) he is.