Music is the final culmination of every work of art. The true voice of a poet is given in lyrics. The sound of revolution begins in our music. The true rebellion shall be used in our noise. Tear down social barriers, destroy the image of what we should be. Remember you were born a human being, not a part of their machine. These are our lives and we shall take them back, and you will hear our sound as we topple your platforms and polls. Your politics will no longer protect you from the disease. You label us as insane, as outcasts, well our insanity is contagious, and we shall infect your precious followers through knowledge. A few choice words and a strong beat that clings to the mind and your republic shall be ours. The many shall no longer be ruled by the few.

These are just a few bands to alter your image of life. Some have passed on, but their message continues to spread for music can never die.

Refused : Music with such strong conviction, with such a powerful assault of mind altering lyrics accompanied by entrancing music.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy : A strong assault of music with a strong message. Attacking society and requesting reform in easy to swallow doses of music as opposed to the jagged pills refused offered but most couldn't take.

The Unseen : A more punk edge to rebellion, but that doesn't make it any less valuable.

The Clash : What can be said about the clash that hasn't already been said by better writers and thinkers.

Stiff Little Fingers : an old band from the same era as the clash. Politics screamed with an english accent. Clash fans give this a try.

The Exploited : An original. With strong music behind lyrics like "fuck the USA" in a repitive scream, the exploited can incite a riot in the eager minds.

A Global Threat : A great band, buy "What The Fuck Will Change" as soon as you get a chance.

AFI : The emotional edge to punk, a style so characteristical and identifyable that is could only be recognized as AFI.

At the Drive-in : No music is harder to describe than this. There is nothing to compare this to, and so it is just a simple must listen.

Nine Inch Nails : Not the social revolution, but definately music to change the mind.

VAST : This guy is amazing with lyrics and sound. His noise is truely music for the people.

Garbage : I'm a huge fan of this. Shirley Manson's voice is oh so entrancing. Music for the mind's of the disturbed to quite their beasts yet incite something from the depths of the body to rise up in agreement with her vocal talents and the bands smooth sounds.

Velvet Acid Christ : An industrial explosion of poetry and sound. I've been so lucky to have my poems be compaired to his by a true fan. Probably the best compliment one could ask for.

Mindless Self Indulgence : The vocals are amazing. I'm rather jealous of his range of voices to sing with.

I have more music I enjoy, but these are the ones that effect people, the ones that change their state of mind. Sorry about the websites, I can't find alot of them.