Crazed Peelings of Dunes

Life and Music of Dunes Prepare to enter the madness that consumes the being known as Dunes. He is the unknown, for he does not exist.A myth or legend that now circulates through the youth culture that have become disease ridden. Their plague carries on into their music, into their fashion, into their very way of life. A mystical journey lies beyond the printed word. Beware the revalations that may soon consume you as well. Insanity has been known to be contagious, fear those that lack a stable grip on the boundary of reality and the world of Dunes.

It is through knowledge that our plague of revolution spreads. It feeds off wisdom and intelligence, finding ways to mutate it's pestilence into a stronger disease. Contamination is inevitable and no quarantine shall hold this back. Infect.

And in our Madness the truth shall finally be seen. The heresy that they spread shall collapse in execution and blood shall pour from their broken machines. We will be free

To contact and share in the creative aspect of the insanely driven, simply e-mail the character our society can only call Dunes Find me online and Harass me good (aim name): Dunes 365