Imagery of art and those few cherished items of sentimental value prey upon our minds as a form of visual pleasure all can appreciate. The real and surreal can both be captured in the lenses of the photographer. Abstract pictures and images of the truth and how cruel and harsh it is can create the uprisings necessary to infect a young mind. This simple gallery alone can not spread insanity, but it can encourage the previously infected. Enjoy the images seen through the eyes of a crazed peeling.
Photography and Driving
Foil Destroys

My tattoo: the shadow hand and the eye of ra
Tovah(18th century): Tovah's self picture of her in 18th century style makeup (obviously not my work cause it looks good)
Tovah again:Another 18th century style picture
Tovah (more): Tovah in an Asian style appearance
The creek:A pleasant picture of the beautiful creek
Abby (my dog):A lazy dog
Scattered picture of me (abstract): the camera was running low on batteries and having great affects with pictures
scattered picture of nikki(abstract): Weak batteries=abstract photographs
Pete's bad hair dye:He made an attempt and I made fun of him
The worst picture of Kate:I can make anyone look bad with a camera
Gecko(not geico): I like lizards
Gecko (again):random lizard
Nikki (bad picture):I suck at photography
Nikki (again): My thumb's in the way
Tom and bear: Tom and the cat bear (why name a cat Bear?)