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Pixi Dust
Monday, 5 January 2004
Ok fine I'LL BLOG damnit!
haha i just find blogging more hassleful then writing in my eo space...but then again, i guess tisn't so much. maybe one or two buttons more. ugh i really dislike this freaking bio lab. it's driving me crazy! :@ *ROAR* coem on! i need to focus! but it's sooo hard :'( after two weeks of non-stop NOTHING...doing anything is a difficult task. *sigh* I need something to organize! something to run! some next extracurricular that i can do! everything is done for now though..midterm season is approaching which means i will be locked in my room studying from now on. :S ew. well i must go and attempt this bio lab. sick diagrams...

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 7:03 PM MST
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Wednesday, 31 December 2003
Well it's nearly 5, which means 7 more hours and the new year will be here! So much to get sorted out at the new year...things that frighten me. For one thing, we have (though very little) homework that I've neglected and a math retest (the first of which did not treat me well atall) and ugh the busy-busy life and schedule will start up again. This break has been nice, but really I've achieved nothing. My worries have been waylayed for a few days, but now they are starting up again. University is rearing it's big ugly head more and more and I still have no idea what to do with it. I used to think everything was clear: High school, then 2 years university, then med school, then i was on my way. But now...i dont' think i even want to go to med school (nevermind the fact that I dont' think i could get in). *sigh* I've no idea what to be or do with my life! I dont' have any extraordinary talents. I'm almost like a jack of all trades (except of few trades). I know things and can do things...but none of them well. What should I do? I need guidance and direction, but there is none. Noone can or will tell me what to do, just when i need it the most. There isn't even anyone who will give me a hint at least! Well...enough of the depressing and gloomy, let's make some resolutions and hope to keep them in mind and try to keep them.

1) resist the urge to snack frequently at short intervals and pig out. This seems to be one of my downfalls...big downfalls. -_- So I should stop!
2) get off my bum and finish everything that I start. Such as the That's Amore dinner and dance that maddy and i are planning. We've spent 5 months doing nothing. time to get things going!
3) spend less time doing useless things on the computer. If i'm on the computer, there should be something constructive to do, not just idly wasting time. There's SO much stuff to be done, and so little time, yet i choose to waste more of it playing games and dallying on the computer.
4) get rid of some of that stage-fright and nervousness. I've been working towards this for...goodness knows how long. Yet my stage fright is always constantly there. There's nothing to be afraid of really! I just need to learn this...i guess practice makes perfect! So I resolve to practice more: more public speaking, performances, events, EVERYTHING! I will get rid of it.
well those are all i can think of for now. If i can at least keep those everything will be worthwhile. I haven't made resolutions in a very long time, this is the first time in years. well wish me luck! (although i dont' think anyone reads this...) so good luck to me from me -_- goodbye!

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 4:57 PM MST
Updated: Wednesday, 31 December 2003 4:58 PM MST
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New Year
A new year...the same stuff. Ah well, one can only hope things will be different, oui? but yeah they say something like "the way you spend new years eve is the way you spend the rest of the year". Too bad new year's eve will be spent the same way every other week-end is spent this parent's friends will come over and eat and then play mah jong and i'll probably watch movies the entire night. *sigh* static.
well this year hasn't been too bad overall. Maybe i'll blog again w/ resolutions later. bubi!

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 12:10 PM MST
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Monday, 29 December 2003
The Way
Well then. I'm officially extremely obsessed w/ clay aiken. -_- haha it's not my fault! He's just too cute...=( i have weaknesses for guys who can sing. witness oliver james...
My parents are driving my grandparents back to Calgary, so I'm once again left to my own devices for 7 hours. how excellent! I'll probably waste it again doing nothing. *sigh* School is just too depressing to think about! It's getting close to january...which means there's nothing good to look forward to. Idol is over and I dont' have anything left to plan. And then there will be midterms...and dreary days of hwk (which still...i have yet to touch). oi...dreary dreary dread. Nothing to do now but waste more time until then!

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 12:25 PM MST
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Monday, 22 December 2003
Well then.
the weekend has been strange and fun. =) i had my birthday partee on saturday. haha OLIVER JAMES IS AN ABSOLUTE HOTTEE. it was like- MOTHER! =O *drools* mmmm...mmmm...that's all i can say. Thank you everyone for the presents they were lovely ^_^ and i gorged on food. yum. i think i prob gained at least 10 pounds....haha all that calorie-burning at the dance was re-compensated for.

then yesterday (sunday) My parents went to pick up my grandparents from Calgary (where they're visiting my aunt and uncle) and yes. so i was left alone for 8 hours, which i spent productively watching movies. i even watched parts of What a Girl Wants again, just to see oliver james...*sigh*. lol and i finished American Outlaws...COLIN FARRELL OH BABY.

now it is monday and i will be off to see LOTR3, ROTK in 45 mins! YES! i love orlando bloom. and lord of the rings. two can it go wrong? =) anyways! My grandparents are still here...i spent the morning entertaining them w/ really bad piano. haha goes to show you what not practicing for a few weeks...or months....does to you. well i'm off to eat! tata

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 1:43 PM MST
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Thursday, 18 December 2003
I've been so busy...yet not lately! haha yesterday night i did no homework atall....t'was a strange feeling. I wrote 30 cards and hurt my brain...-_- cards are not fun to write anymore! And i haven't blogged in a long time...
Winterlit is tomorrow! Everything's been sneaking up so fast! Winterlit...i haven't even practiced my song...(and i've been telling the finalists to practice lol) and then all of a sudden my birthday! and then christmas...and i've yet to get christmas presents for ppl! :S dunno what to do....
ah well. in any case...i shall go do some...organization of my thoughts.

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 5:29 PM MST
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Sunday, 7 December 2003
Oh the weather outside is frightful...and the homework is not delightful.
I've gone into major procrastination mode! Friday night: time to do homework and play piano! Friday night (what i actually did): watch the o.c., half of 2 movies, and Miss Match.

Saturday: time to DO LOTS OF HOMEWORK!
Saturday: Went on the computer, made 2 webpages (Mine and Tom's), read some more of The Life of Pi(good book) until 1:30(a.m.)...and that is all -_-

Sunday morning: OMG NEED TO DO HWK!
Sunday morning: I woke up at 10:00...took a shower and read more Life of Pi and all of sudden it's 11! Then i went out w/ my mom and bought another book and slippers...and now it's 2:42. *sigh* THAT has been my "productive" weekend. oh boy. Goals to be accomplished this weekend:
1. Finish the bio lab
2. Study for physics and bio and social
3. Think about my birthday!
4. no...that is all. and just watch i won't be able to get any of it done -_-

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 2:40 PM MST
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Friday, 7 November 2003
I GOT ELECTED FOR GRAD COUNCIL :D yay! ^_^ happy happy! but now my mom is being a POO and saying i shouldn't and she won't let me and stuff. but will that stop me? NO FREAKIN WAY i've worked too hard to stop.

i hate school. i just realized i'm almost failing everything. and i can't change it! i just can't...:( i dont' knwo how. stupidness.

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 5:16 PM MST
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Thursday, 6 November 2003
Grad Council
Yes i already complained in my lil thing on my page...but here is some more. I have no idea what's goign to happen for grad council. TOO MANY FREAKING PEOPLE RUNNING! :@ i went on whyte today for "Official Idol business" ;) it was rather successful. excellent. well off to edit speech some more...and do math...and idol stuff. life is messed.

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 7:00 PM MST
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Tuesday, 4 November 2003
(8) 'cause that's the way it is. (8)
yay! a new place to b*tch about my problems. =) joy! alright i dont' really have too many problems right now...other than that i'm failing school! but good math test today made me happy. it's the first acceptable mark all year! *score* i used to hate the number 89. now i've discovered a new devil in the form of the number 85 :@ dammnit. must start doing better!

So OSA IDOL is starting up in two weeks! :D YES!!! the final lil details are now being worked will be great! i've just realized i'm in a HUGE SHITE-LOAD of clubs and extracurriculars this year. it's crazy-much. :S
1) Amnesty
2) Debate Club/exec
3) Multicultural
4) Peer Support
6) Pablo
7) Yearbook
8) Crier editor
9) Ski trip!:D
10) SPAIN!!

...oh my.
off to study french! french is yet another subject with the devil mark. kill it. kill it now! :( or...plan b. suck up to mr. ransom MORE! hahaha that will work i tell you! ugh. test week this week. (like every other week) once again: joy.

Posted by cantina/pixi_dust at 10:19 PM MST
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