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Operation: Horse Rescue

Slaughter houses kill thousands of horses every day in the United States. These horses include ex-racehorses no longer "useful" to the racing industry, loved pets sold at auction, and those disgarded and neglected by the same people they once served with all their hearts. An ex-racehorse that accumulated millions for their owner through their winnings and that of their offspring is never immune to the slaughterhouse. Racehorses are the least loved and the most at risk to be disgarded. A horse will break their heart for you -- a horse will die for you. What people don't realize when they sell their horses at auction, usually with all good intentions, is that meat buyers swarm the place and the chances of the horses going to one of them is high. Rescue groups go to auctions and watch the meat buyers and try to buy the horses back from them. They also go to disaster sites when someone discovers that a horse has been abused, neglected, etc. They then rehabilitate the horses and care for them until they are adopted. We want to adopt a horse and also volunteer to help with this noble cause. If you aren't already convinced, visit some of the sites that are here and read a little bit about a few horses there. Some were found tied down, starved, and beaten. Some were locked up and forgotten about until they were almost nothing but bones. Others had atrocious injuries that were never treated. Please open up your heart and give whatever you can, or will, to this cause. Thank you! To read about the tragic end of a hero, the great racehorse Exceller, who was sent to slaugher, click here.

Jolie Coquette 1974-2003--Racing Industry