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The NHMS Club Adoption Mission

We have sent an adoption valuation form to the Mustang-Spirit horse adoption program and should hear back from them soon. We are hoping to pick from two horses. Their names are Dynomite and Flash Dance. Here is a little bit about them...

Flash Dance

This beautiful Arab/QH gelding stands about 15hh or so, he came to Mustang-Spirt with a injury to his leg and was dead lame. After his lay up, he was released for light riding, after about a week he showed some tenderness so his adopter returned him, we (Mustang-Spirit) will evaluate him and have his back checked as we believe he simply needs an adjustment. He will be in rehab till ready to go back out on adoption. His back muscles need to be built up and till this time, he will need to have a lighter rider, around 150 lbs or so but will be ok for a heavier rider as long as he is built up slowly.


Dynomite came to us (Mustang-Spirit) from a therapeutic riding facility in the San Diego, CA area. He was being used as a beginners/intermediate level horse. He loves trails and is a great kids horse. He does however have calcium deposits in his knees which at this time make him suitable only for flat ground work (no hills). Once Dynomite arrives in our Pinon Hills, CA facility, he will be started on supplements and be seen by a chiropractor to see if these things help him with his legs. Prior to being a therapeutic riding horse, Dynomite was used as a kids rodeo horse and he is very well broke is a "been there, done that" kind of horse. After his arrival, we will post more about his personality and abilities as well as updates on how he is doing after his adjustment :)