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WELCOME TO LOLA (love our Little Assets)

About Us

Hi. We are a small group on 6WBMO that met on the Provida.com website forum Starting 3/1 thread.
For some unknown reason our original thread was dwindling so we are hoping that opening a new thread will keep us ALIVE.


We have made many new and wonderful friends on the Provida site and hope to meet many more people out there. Our intent is to support one another as much as possible, even in issues that are not completely plan related. We feel this is a good idea since whatever emotional situations arise in our lives, they will eventually effect our success on the 6WBMO program. Please feel free to become a part of our little community. I am sure you will be happy once you do. We all look forward to welcoming you with open arms. Please post often. We have opened this thread hoping for a more active and lively group. We are all fairly new to the program and are doing well and enjoying it. Hope to get a chance to meet as many people out there who are desiring a warm and inviting "home base" to the forum. Newbies through experienced members are all welcome here. Stick around, enjoy a change, and become a LOLA!

Come Join the Lola's, The coolest group around!!