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A little bit about me  

Name: I'm not telling...I usually go by Li'thrath or more commonly Sarai

Age: somewhere between 14 and 20...though I wish I was four*^^*

Gender: Unimportant...poke around the site and then guess.

Bio: Nya ha ha ha! *cat laugh* Er...right, born in the 80's and a summer child, I grew up in a world of 

expanding technology. Like many my age, I found the internet as an outlet for many things and now a bit of 

my creativity. With my elder siblings, I have explored both this cyber-world and the real world as far as I 

can go without breaking the rules. Surrounded by things such as anime, Star Trek and the music program,

I am a Trekkie, Otaku and a mini maestro (at least according to mu zany teacher).  One day I hope my 

education will pay off so that I can be an architect and then a math/physics teacher...

I draw a lot...but do not put much up. I enjoy editing pictures more, such as the one to the right that I did

for my younger cousin. It's from .hack//key of Twilight; that's the main character------------------------------->

Favours: the colours I used for my site, British/ Canadian spellings, tea, mint, cinnamon, RPGs, sewing, fencing

threatening people with my violin bow, reading, Circadian Rhythm, Susan Aglukark, DS9, Love Hina, Naruto

and last but not least, Pippin.

Disfavours: brown...there are nice browns like chestnut, but flat-out bland brown irritates me. people who chew loudly *shudder*

...and some other stuff, but then I'd be preaching.

Favourite quote: "Gondor has not pants. Gondor needs no pants." -Lord of the Pants: Fellowship of the Pants





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