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Thank you for purchasing the HOT TALK LIST. We hope you will have fun talking with these ladies. Here is the list that you have paid for. Phone Blue 1-866-901-3825 Fantasy Call 1-800-268-8535 Lynne 724-834-3919 Juelene 724-834-4818 America's phone sex babes 1-900-745-6657 Fetish call 1-716-824-8270 Chrissy's bedroom line 1-877-865-2468 Mistress phone sex 1-888-880-2793 Hot phone sex 1-800-382-3648 Summer 1-505-585-4187 Toni 1-505-434-1314 Ashley 1-562-984-9714 Katie 1-562-423-3563 Sexy Babes 1-877-915-Babe Mature Women 1-866-Mature2 Beautiful Women 1-888-403-2297 Leg Fetish 1-866-640-5341