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The Next Big Thing

My Favorite Things About My Life

Hey! Rock ON!! I'm L-Catt aKa Laurenzo and I'm in love with my dog Sadie Mae And Neil! I never talk to Neil but He's a pretty cool guy! I don't like hanging out with Danielle Elise or Julianne (picture of them at the bottom) because I like to sit at home and watch the same movies over and over again. I think all the 8th graders are soooo CUTE and I constantly remind them when I'm with them. I get good grades, I read all the time, I don't smoke or drink, But I find other ways to have fun! You may think that I'm drunk, But thats just how I am all the time. I'm a really good singer, and my BOYFRIEND Kenny likes to groove when the sun goes down. One day hopefully, Me and Kenny will have a daughter named Hilary, After my favorite actress Hilary Duff. But until we get married, Kenny will not touch my doodoos or see my virginia!!