I am locked inside a prison
        Built on a foundation of control
        Its bars of rage contain me
        Its door of hate closes me in
The walls of silence reverberate my hollow cries
        Deepening the madness for which I am imprisoned
        Reminding me of all I have lost
The seal of pride contains the monster within
        Broken only by humility
        Which God alone knows how to find
A cover of kindness and compassion merely hides what is locked within
        Giving the illusion of warmth to the monster; to me
        And to all whose eyes glance my way
My emotions build underneath, expanding outward from me
        Growing with every passing moment
        Feeding on the solitude I have created inside myself
The cover gives way and the monster becomes visible
        The warmth escapes, and I wish to go with it
My hands grasp the bars firmly
        I twist the rage and pull with all of my strength
        Until it becomes loose and breaks free
The foundation shakes beneath my feet
        I pound it savagely
The foundation breaks
        I have lost control
An angry roar builds inside me and excapes my lips
        The silence is broken
        The walls crumble
I reach for your hand
        To find the compassion
        That will open the door
My pride shattered
        The seal breaks
        And all that remains
        Is for you to open the door
But all you can see is a monster in a twisted cage
        You don't understand me
        You fear me
        You hate me
You turn away
        And I am lost

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