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January 30, 2005

Iraqi elections were today, as I'm sure no remote corner of the world didn't hear about, but to hear it directly from someone who's there; things went fairly well for us (being myself and those I work with), since we left at 3am, got everything we needed to do done exactly the way we planned to do it, and left before curfew was lifted at 7am. We started it all off by blocking off the main road into the city, because we didn't want any vehicles getting in while the elections were taking place. It was pretty cool - we're just about done setting up wire, and these two Abrums come rolling up behind us. I was holding security, and when they got there, I was like 'uh, so now what am I supposed to do?' We left there at 0500, which is exactly when we were supposed to, then went to sweep the street where the polls were being held to make sure nobody had placed a bomb there, and that went until 0645, which was again exactly when we were supposed to be done. We made it out of the city at 0657, and went back to the Mek for breakfast (which was odd to do After a mission). Got back here around 08, then we slept until 3pm. It was nice.

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