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January 26, 2005

Forgot my camera again the last couple days. Somebody kick me.

All right, so yesterday was a decent day; we went out and started off putting out some concertainer wire (the stuff you see on top of fences at prisons) and moved around some dragons teeth (three steel L beams crossing each other - the people here call them 'hedgehogs'). Our captain saved us from doing some bullshit work afterwards, which I was very impressed with, and grateful for. We move on to look at 'possible vehicle check points' near where a hummer got hit with a mine. Not really that big of a deal, we haven't had many other reports of mines, so I'm guessing it's not very heavily mined. We finished with that and went on to the main entrance to the city and attempted to put up a 'curtain' so that people couldn't see a small post off to the side of the main road. Wasn't working very well. Captain steps in again and decides he's going to use dozers to push the berm up higher. More points to Cpt! Went back to main base, called it a night.

Today was a little crazier; we get out there and the first thing we do is start cutting down trees with chainsaws (WHAT?!). Yeah, we did that so our front loader (Tram) could fill up hescos that we put in front of a command center in some obscure location off to one side of the city. Blah. So we do that, mostly, and then we get word that these guys want to fill their driveway up with cinder blocks because it's full of mud. Since when was that a part of our MOS?? I mean, laying brick is, but this wasn't exactly laying brick. More like... throwing it into a muddy swamp. Anyway, after SSgt raked our asses for loading blocks on a truck instead of carrying them by hand (who runs this show?!), our captain once again called the bullshit flag and we left. I'm starting to like this man. Went to ECP 5, where we spend half our time, filled up hescos we set yesterday, then dug a trash pit. My squad leader, who isn't really my squad leader and i don't really think of him as such, comes up to me and my buddy Turner, and he's like 'Estep, let me see your hands... ... Turner let me see that shovel... put that shovel in his hands, start digging, Estep.' Okay, I understand he had been digging before I showed up and he needed a break. I understand that I hadn't been digging and I was the obvious choice to relieve him. What I don't understand was the need in making a friggen joke out of it. The Marine Corps is supposed to be a model for proffessionalism, right? Pfft. Bastards. Left and got back around 7pm. Not too bad of a day.

So tomorrow I have to clean the showers. Awesome. I'm glad my "Squad leader" picks me for every shit detail he gets assigned. Love it.

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