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January 14, 2005

I didn't have a camera with me to take pictures yesterday, so I'd better write about it. It was a pretty fun day, I don't want to forget.

Okay, so we get up around 630, get ready to leave at like 8 to go do a weapons sweep in an area where there have been reports of landmines (oh, yeah. We were excited). Anyway, we get there, and I'm on the forward team, trying hard to follow in exact footsteps of the guy in front of me thinking 'if he didn't step on a mine, i'm not going to.' So we go up to this berm and settle in an overwatch position, and hear over the radio that someone's found an anti-personel mine. Great. So we call up EOD, which are the bastards who are telling us we don't know anything about demolition when we've been blowing up houses left and right the last two months, and they're supposed to come blow this 'mine' up because we apparantly don't know how to. So they get there and look at this thing, and it turns out to be a battery base. So now, not only do we not know anything about demo, we can't recognize mines, either. Blerg.

So we keep sweeping up this road, or rather off this road, and we find a mortar round in the ground with wires sticking out of it; we stop everybody nearby and start questioning them (to the best of our ability, we obviously don't speak a lot of Arabic). Me and two other guys go up to investigate this place where they saw someone run to when we found this thing, and as we go up to it, these two kids get out of a car parked out front and immediately put their hands in the air. I thought this was funny, i don't know what anyone else thought. So they're standing there with their hands in the air (I just used a version of 'there' three times and made it rhym - I'm a poet and didn't even realize it), and this other guy comes out, and our most fluent Arabic-speaker starts talking to him. He was kind of fishy, so we questioned him a lot, and broke into his car. Then we had him and the kids get down behind their respective cars while EOD blew up the mortar round, and I was in charge of guarding the kids. I got to talking to them and asking them how old they were (I learned to draw arabic numbers). I gathered that the older one's name was Sean (pronounced See-ann), and he was twelve and his little brother was seven. They tried to tell me a story, but I didn't know what they were saying - just making jestures and talking giberish. I kind of gathered that the younger one was diabetic, because Sean kept asking for food for him and pointing at his neck. I finally gave them an MRE to split, and Sean jestured for me to sit down next to him while he ate, all while telling me how Americans were 'good.' I felt good about myself - I think I made a friend.

Talked to Amy for a while tonight - it's always nice to talk to her, even if I don't have anything to say. I like it when she makes me say things that I don't need to say but feels good to say anyway. I love that girl.

I also talked to Tanya Davis today. Odd. I typed in her old screen name, thinking 'there's no way she still uses this,' and low and behold, she's online! I talked to her for all of five minutes, kind of a strange conversation, and then I left. She seemed well, keeping busy and whatnot. Interesting story there, but it'll wait for another day.

Don't let the days go by...

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