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November 16, 2003

This weekend went well. Which is actually typical when Amy is here. When I'm alone with her, or around family with her, everything is fine. And this weekend was certainly no exception.

It hit me pretty hard this weekend that I'm really going to be leaving in two months. There's no way around it. We both cried about it last night before we went to sleep. It's really going to be hard. For both of us. I'm going to miss her.

Saturday morning was football with the MC recruits. I had fun, really, but I came out of it with a hell of a blow to my right thigh. I was limping on it all day yesterday and most of today. Still hard not to give a little after I stand up for the first time in a while.

Amy and I made it back here around three or four, and about the time we layed down to take a nap (we had both been up the night before - her with her friend and me with setting up this journal), dad came and asked us if we wanted to go to my aunt's husband's birthday party. We went, helped out a bit, had some food and a little "orange juice," and came home. I don't really remember what we did when we got here, but I know it wasn't long before we went to bed.

This morning, dad came down asking us to go with him to church. I felt bad telling him 'no,' and I really wanted to go this week, but it would have been strange going when mom wasn't there. I was sore, anyway, and I think Amy and I both appreciated the extra couple hours of sleep.

We were supposed to help her family at home with some yard work, but I guess they decided against it so we stayed here today. Tried to teach Amy to play chess, but she doesn't have the patience to learn. We had dinner here and played Balderdash with my parents. Amy won.

Not long after, I took her home and went to meet Eric to go see Matrix: Revolution. I wish I had seen it before I went with him. He kept making coments on what was coming up next, and of course I had no idea what he was talking about, so I couldn't exactly put my input in. It was a good movie, though. I enjoyed it.

I came home looking for an email. I was hoping Amy would write, or maybe someone else who looked at this thing. Of course, all I got were some kinds of advertisements. Mostly, I just wanted to hear from Amy. I am very much in love with that girl. Some people see it, some don't. I know there are things she does that I don't agree with, and I know the opposite is true. But it doesn't matter. I know I love her.

It's inevitable.

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