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December 3, 2003

The shit really hit the fan today. Sorry for the more delicate... uh... eared? people out there. Yeah...

So I found my property tax bill today. I owe twenty two dollars and some-odd cents for my car. Who the hell came up with 'Property Taxes'? I already bought the damn thing, and I have to pay five other kinds of taxes to use it, why do I have to pay MORE just because I have it?! I swear, our system is so screwed up...

I have two quizes to do for History by tomorrow. That's going to have to be a priority. I also have a speech to give tomorrow that I haven't really planned out yet. It's supposed to compare cheese pizza to pepperoni pizza. And it's supposed to be 7 minutes long. Guh. Then I got a take-home test for calculus today, on material that I haven't even finished the homework for yet. Man, I'm so far behind, and the semester's over next week.

Amy and I really got in to it today about her getting a job and taking up some responsibility. I was a bit harsh with her, but I really meant it. I didn't mean to be harsh, that is, I just meant that I thought she needed to get a job. I wish I could make her understand that I was there just two years ago, and I really do know what I'm talking about. Not only will it help her to know what it's going to be like when she gets a full-time job once she's out of school, and introduce her to a working environment, but it will be money for her to save up for sometime that she can really use it. The mistake I made was spending all the money I made when I was working and not putting any of it away for a later date. That's a mistake I'm still paying for. Gas isn't free, and neither is insurance, food, college, books, going out on weekends, Christmas gifts, a house, a car, a wedding, diapers... Okay, I'm getting a bit far into the future, but planning ahead for those things is not a bad idea.

Well, as ugly as that little argument got, I still went over there tonight, and I think things went pretty well while I was there. I said I'd fix dinner tonight, but when I got there, they had already started fixing burritos. I guess I'll make it another night. We had dinner, and I more or less left right after.

I barely made it home on what gas I had left, and I thought I'd pick up some money from the bank so that I could get more tomorrow. Well, for those of you who remember my bank incident from Friday, it turns out I didn't get that problem as 'straight' as I thought I did. I tried to withdraw ten of the fifteen dollars I should have had in there, and it told me I had no money in it at all. I was furious. I even flicked off the camera. That'll probably come back to bite me in the ass, but enough is enough. Got home and told mom about the ATM thing, and she told me I had two bank statements come in the mail. One was to inform me that I had a balance of -$113, the other was to inform me that I had an Over-Balance fee of $20. Needless to say, I was a little hot under the collar. Once I get that problem fixed, I'm closing my bank account and switching to Wachovia where my oldest sister works.

As if all this wasn't enough, I had a message on the family answering machine from Gunney Emerick telling me there's a meeting with the Sergeant Major (of the Marine Corps - important fella) in Richmond Saturday morning, and I have to leave at 7am. God only knows when I'll be back. I called Strotter and cussed at him a bit. He came over, and we had a cigarette or two while discussing just what the hell was going on, and why none of us knew about it. We had quite a long talk, actually, and it renewed my confidence at least a little bit. He told me when he went in, he had a girlfriend who was 'waiting at home' for him, but he was active duty, so he didn't really go home for a number of years. He told me they kept in touch for a very long time, but they never managed to catch up with one another. Amy Lloyd, I am coming home, and I will be here for you when I get back. Don't leave me, and please don't do something that will make me want to leave you. I love you, and I just want to be with you when I get home.

Cause that's what love is made of.

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