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November 29-30, 2003

Finally getting around to Saturday and Sunday...

I got a bit of decorating done Saturday morning before we left to go to my sister's. Sorry I can't detail, my memory is a bit fuzzy four days later...

Amy and I went with mom Saturday afternoon. We took food and such, and I was hungry by the time we got there (I am now, too, but I guess that's going to have to wait). Got there around 2 and played with the dog for a bit. Sis got kind of frustrated and bitched at me for getting the dog all excited, so Amy and I went out for the next hour. We started off going to a crafts store to look for trees to go with my little village. They didn't have anything I really cared for, and they were too expensive. So I started driving around, and remembered there was a card store in Waynesboro, just as I happened to be passing it. I parked the car, and Amy refused to get out. Problem #2 this weekend. Hell with it, I thought. I'm going in anyway. So I did, and probably spent a good 10 to 15 minutes in there looking at the model kits and train accessories trying to figure out whether I could use any of it or not. He didn't really have anything I cared for (except cards, but that wasn't why I was there), so I went back to find Amy still just sitting there. Laziest damn person...

Okay, so we went back to my sister's, and dinner was nearly ready. We helped get things finished up, then stuffed ourselves before we even put a dent in the food we had. Too much food. Cleaned up a bit, then played Clue and went home.

Don't remember a whole lot between the time we got home and when we had our little incident, so I'll get right to it. Getting ready for bed, she had just finished brushing her teeth, and I was coming in to use the bathroom. I take a look at my towel hanging on the towel bar, and it's got this big white spot where she wiped her used toothpaste off her mouth. Well, to me, that's increadibly disgusting, but she was like 'Don't start with me,' and got some sort of attitude like 'I can't believe he's telling me I can't spit all over his towel.' Problem #3 for the weekend, and I went upstairs to sleep on the couch.

Well, about half an hour passed, and Amy came up for a drink or something. I think she woke mom up, because she went downstairs and talked to Amy for about an hour. Dad came out and asked what was going on. I didn't say much, but he got the idea and went back to bed. Mom came upstairs and I went back down. Amy and I stayed up for some time and had some sort of conversation about I don't even remember what, but it didn't end particularly well, but we managed to sleep in the same bed regardless.

The next morning, after waking up several times durring the night, things were looking better (perhaps we were just cranky since we were up late), and the rest of the day went fine (as far as I remember).

Do you suffer from long-term memory loss?  I don't remember.

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