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November 27-28, 2003

Well, now. Thanksgiving. There was definately turkey, and there was definately stuffing. All three times. And I think we actually gave thanks once.

Thursday was Thanksgiving with Amy's family. I rather enjoyed that, actually. I talked to her grandfather for a good while before we had dinner, which is something I hadn't really done before. I think I'm starting to really be a part of her family. I enjoy it. I really feel uncomfortable around her mom, though. After the last incident with her, it's been hard to even pretend to like her. Enough about that.

I didn't bring Amy home that night because I thought we could just pick her up on the way to my sister's house Friday. Well, we didn't go to my sister's house Friday. So I told her I'd just come pick her up and bring her home in the morning. Morning came, and I went to the bank to get money for gas and to take care of ebay auctions and other things (John the Card Guy should be sending me complete sets of Hoth and Dagobah limited editions, and after a trade, if it pulls through, I should have almost everything from Cloud City and Jabba's Palace as well). When I got there, I tried using my ATM card to pull out my money. Insufficient funds. I go inside and ask one of the ladies at the counter. You've got three dollars in your account. I was ticked. Called dad and made him bring the deposit reciept from the ATM, by this time it was probably noon already. Dad got there and we got everything straightened out, but I was still pretty upset that 44 hours after my money had been deposited via ATM, it hadn't been processed. The lesson here, kiddies, is that ATMs are for withdrawls, not deposits.

Okay, on to the rest of Friday. Once I got my bank problem fixed, I headed to the post office to pick up money orders for ebay stuff. Not a problem, but I noticed some very odd people while I was there. When your parents and credit card agents tell you that people will go through the trash to pick up information about people, believe them. Someone actually came into the post office and opened up the trash cans right in front of me. At first, I thought maybe she had just thrown something away that she didn't mean to and was coming back to get it, but then she pulled out a news paper and said, out loud, "Oh, this is today's paper!" She then proceeded to the next trash can and took a quick glance through it before heading out the door with her trashed paper.

With my ebay related business out of the way, I headed to Waynesboro to pick Amy up. Got gas along the way, nothing exciting there, and made it to her house probably around 1 or 1:30. She wasn't ready yet, so her uncle and I went to his parent's house (which is next door) to look at some of his hunting trophies. We stayed and talked to his parents for a good while. Somehow or another, we got to talking about Amy and how she's really lucky her aunt and uncle were willing to take her in, and how her aunt is really good to her and would do anything for her. We all agreed that Amy's getting old enough that she should get out and find a job, and get her license. I think it would be good for her. And it would give her something to do while I'm gone - keep her busy. I think if she got the right kind of job, she'd really enjoy it.

Brought Amy home, hoping we'd get some Christmas decorations set up. I was a little disappointed that when I first asked her to help, she wouldn't, and by the time she was willing to help, I was too frustrated to accept it. Problem #1 for the weekend. Mom came down and got on the computer. I think by that time I had given up working on decorations long enough that I had at least started talking to Amy again. She told us she didn't want to fix dinner, so we should go pick up a pizza or two for dinner. So we went to Romans and got some pizzas, came home and ate (most) of them. Afterwards, we played Clue, and after insisting the entire game that mom, who was playing Miss Scarlet, was the one who did it, I finally got it figured out (she did it in the Kitchen with the Candlestick), and Amy and I came back downstairs. It seems like we may have worked on decorating a little more, but I just don't remember. We went to bed kind of early, but I'm not real sure what time. Thus ended the Thursday and Friday part of the weekend.

I just put my 5-disc CD player on random play, and it started with Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls. This has been my song for Amy since nearly the very beginning.

I wanna wake up where you are...

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