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November 25, 2003

I actually went to school today. Well, again today. Because I went yesterday, too. Anyway.

I was rather frustrated this morning when I came on to find that the only person who had written was Anika. I figured Amy would write, I was still expecting John the Card Guy to write, I've written Scott Kurtz twice with no reply, I've got two trade offers going via email, and one eBay auction getting finalized. Nothing. Anika sent me some poetry last night, and that was it. Then I made a winning bid on something on eBay and didn't get a 'bid confirmation' email. So I was a little worried that my email wasn't working.

But then around 3:00, I decided to email John the Card Guy one last time, and he wrote back saying that we were still a go (Happy me!), he was just waiting for me to say I had the money to go ahead with it. A little later, one of the guys I'm making a trade with wrote, and if he's up for it, I'll be about ten cards away from having both Jabba's Palace and Cloud City completed (card stuff). About 5:00, I get a bid confirmation from eBay. I think eBay's just stupid. Don't tell them I said that.

So now I'm in class. A class I don't have to be at. 15 minutes into class. And it hasn't even started yet. What the hell am I thinking?

I turned in my history paper on how America is like the Roman Empire. I'll put it up with my formal writing whenever I get around to that. Be sure to check that out. All of them. You'd think I hated the American government or something. I don't, really, I just think they've made some poor decisions, and I think it could use some reformation a little more drastic than "oh no! we've switched from a Republican majority to a Democtratic majority!" More like "oh no! The beurocratic bullshitters are wearing red ties instead of black ties!" Anyway...

I think we might be starting class now. Fun, fun.

We've gotta get out of this place.

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