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Kozoriz — Franklin California, Inc.®

Kozoriz — Franklin California, Inc.® is a U.S. based business enterprise developing business opportunities in the U.S., Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy and other countries.

Our main activities include:

  1. Furthering the Commercial Development of Magnetic Levitation and Related Technologies (ML&RT). This or other application related thereto, shall include: any and all scientific, commercial, business, industrial and other applications of such technologies in, without limitation, land transportation system, magnetic levitation system, cryogenic and/or refrigeration systems and/or cooling systems, linear motors, cryogenic aviation, power energetic, measurement systems and mechanisms, space systems, applied superconductivity, and high energy physics, which are derived from, arise out of and/or are developed on the basis of "Magnetic Potential Well" Phenomena (MPW).
  2. Creation of Magnetic Levitation Transportation System without energy consumption, automation and dependence on speed.
  3. Creation of Linear drivers capable to practically convert the energy from the mains into vehicle kinetic energy during acceleration and vice versa without energy loss and additional devices transferring converted energy to return all kinetic energy into the mains during slowing down.
  4. Development of mathematical models and corresponding software applicable to design and manufacture optimal Maglev Transportation Systems, joint researches on the U.S. Educational and Scientific Programs as well as European Economic Community Educational and other Scientific Programs.
  5. Joint Educational Programs
  6. Development of Strategy for Marketing & Sales of the new transport technologies.
  7. Marketing and Sale of new inventions and attracting investments for research and development of MPW Phenomena as well as the new high technologies based on it.
  8. Sale-Purchase of "know-how", patents and copyrights.
  9. Business and Trade Consulting for Private, Commercial and Scientific US Companies as well as those in Western Europe, Central Europe, China, Japan and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Russia)

Dr. Halyna Franklin,
Kozoriz—Franklin California, Inc.®