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Victoria, B.C. - Memorial Day '04

World's most horizontal branch outside a nice cafe.

Parliament Bldg
Kevin and Joy in front of the Parliament building.

Victoria has a small but nice chinatown - with good dim sum.

Besides tons of walking around the town we took a walk out on the breakwater.

J K Lighthouse

Joy Lighthouse
Joy by the lighthouse

Kev Lighthouse
And one of Kev.

My favorite eatery and we didn't even eat there.

Brasserie L'ecole
We had a wonderful meal at the local Brasserie L'Ecole.

Canoe Club
The sun shone on us for our Canoe Club patio time.

Empress Hotel
The Fairmont Empress Hotel is beautiful.

Our local source told us to swing by Suze for their last night.

London Bridge
The River Thames.

London Street
Crowded London street.

The circus was in town.

And here's your answer to last week's pic of the week question. While Joy was enjoying her facial I decided my time (and $9 CAN) would best be spent visiting Miniature World. It was pretty hilarious, however, I don't think I'll be visiting many more miniature worlds. I snuck a few quick pics which are the last three above. So, if you guessed, "That's not a real circus, it's a miniature", you win.