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Earlier Lake Paupac Pictures

Lake Paupac Pictures, 25 Aug - 6 Sept 2005

Immediately upon our arrival in Philly we headed straight to the Videon's. The treat there was a freshly installed pool and hottub.
Here Aunt Carol holds Julian while Bridget also enjoys the warm water. Julian loves being swished around in the water.
Although sometimes he's a little apprehensive. Kevin, Joy and Julian swimming in the day's last rays of sunshine.
The following day we went and introduced Julian to his great-grandmother, Dede. A special moment. Then we made our way up to Lake Paupac.
Where we had a 50's themed birthday party for my mom. With cake and milkshakes.
Joy was a Pink Lady and Julian was a T-Bird. Dayna went as Dayna and Ron went as he dressed in the 50's (he was born in 1952).
The party was complete with a 50's-style drag race. Julian got his nightly baths in the utility sink.
We took a couple of hikes. This one was on the lake path during the bad weather left over from hurricane Katrina.
We took Julian to the beach to swim a few times. The family at the beach.
Joy watches over Julian while he splashes around. There were several picnics at the nearby firepit.
Complete with hot dogs and smores. Nana, as usual, was stuck holding Julian.
Except when Pops was holding him. Geese on the outlet.
A hike down to the falls. We got some great pictures.
Gorgeous backdrop with gorgeous mom and baby. Snugglin.
Gigglin. Hangin around the house in pj's.
Hangin around on the couch. Trying to get some breakfast.
Another swim day at the beach. Hopefully Julian didn't get swimmer's ear like his dad did from swimming across the lake.
A self-made fort. Pops and Julian playing on the deck.
Sean and Ildi (and their London broil) came up from NYC on Friday. Warning: do not shake - contents under pressure. (This is moments before Julian spit up on Sean.)
Another trip to the falls. Ildi, Julian and Joy watching Sean and Kevin swim.
Said swimming. It was cold. TADA! Nana and Julian!
One of Julian's favorite poses. The family at the falls.
Ildi and Sean (who is wet - but Ildi finally got close). The tri-county fair was in town. John was a big horse.
Julian's first real cow. Cocktail hour at the Barnard's.
Martin and Joslyn had one night with us. Where they cooked a fabulous meal (and dessert).
Martin's first experience with cooking hot dogs on a stick over a bonfire. Uncle Herb and Aunt Mable were anxious to meet Julian so we stopped by for a visit.
Bear was a little confused by Julian. The "dishwasher" pic. Every baby that goes to R-place has to have the dishwasher picture.