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New York City, 1st-6th of July 2003

Dylan and Margit, our gracious hosts. Me and my girls, Joslyn (also a gracious host) and Joy.
I wasted no time - on the first night I made everybody go to Corner Bistro for, in my opinion, the best burgers in the world. Mischa, Tina and Elisa at Merchants.
We stopped by Adam's bar, Ara, for a few drinks and some backgammon. If this doesn't get your sweet tooth aching I don't know what will.
Another must for me in New York, Cafe Habana... And this is a big reason why.
Joslyn hosted a 4th of July party. Here is Joy, Sheri, Lili and Becca. And this is Dylan close up.
Our viewing spot on the East River was very industrial. And the Manhattan Bridge (and Brooklyn Bridge beyond) were obstructing the Seaport Village fireworks so it felt very urban. Turning our heads a bit you could see the 59th Street show.
Looking at Manhattan from Brooklyn before the fireworks. Sippin wine and watchin fireworks.
We all headed over to Low Bar for some drinks. Adam and Dylan.
Mihaela, Mischa and Dylan. I had some fun with two photos.
The front has big double doors that open all the way up. Billy isn't a scrub but he sure knows how to.
After much manual labor the table was finished. Interesting panaramic.
Dylan sweepin. The bar cleans up pretty well, don't she?
Barrio Chino.

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