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Halloween 2003

Halloween started off early in the morning as Joy left for work to meet the rest of the Wizard Of Oz. At night we made it over to Erik and Camille's for a while where we met up with the Pulp Fiction reject, Steve Largent and Old Man.
The fashion police showed up and started handing out citations. A couple of people got booked and had their mugshots taken.
Agent J and Largent break for some cocktails. She's not in Kansas anymore and, boy, can she make a mean vodka gimlet.
This is just too funny. Any time you throw in the fake teeth you're halfway to the best costume award.
Next party - we joined Paul just in time for the costume awards. The siamese twin cheerleaders, Midge and Madge, won top prize.
Sonny (not pictured) and Cher were runner-ups. Unfortunately we didn't get on the ballot.
Neither did the fashion police. Here was a great costume. But the reason I like this picture is because I caught the dog in the background in his tutu!
I had to try very hard to keep the chocolate eyeballs in my sockets. Here, Officer Sass is handing out a citation to a frowning clown.
You can almost see Thing 2. One last citation on our way out. (Or is Carla getting some digits?)
A twister breezed through wreaking havoc. Yes, there were equally creative people there as me. Husband and wife, Thing 1 and Thing 2. And they were going to a Halloween wedding the next day!
Many a fine costume here. The Draper gets a beer from the stewardess (I mean, flight attendant).

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