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Christmas Story for Dog Lovers

Long ago in the deepest of winters all of the animals on earth were abuzz with the news. "He is BORN! HE IS BORN!" Cried the snowy owl. "Come one and all rejoice!" Roared the mighty lion.
"Bring gifts to the new King!" The deer hurried. The forest grew bright with the din of excitement. Every creature was running towards the star. The noise was so loud and joyful that it traveled distant lands.

In a quiet glen, under a bramble bush, a small lonely dog raised his head from his slumber and heard the sounds from afar. He raised his little head and wondered. Slowly he raised his tired bodyand sniffed the air. He knew something was amiss - but he knew not what.

A voice ever so sweet was singing in the distance,this he could hear. The words were not at all clear, but the sound was of waterfalls, and misty mornings and everything dear...Eagerly he followed the sound and soon saw a star. It shone so brightly his little eyes watered. What was this shiny thing that happily glowed? What could be happening that would bring about such a lovely sight?

His little legs beat the path for many days. He became tired and hungry but still he walked on. He had to follow the sound of that voice. The voice that reminded him of warmer and kinder times. He had to follow the light of the star. The star told him of happy things to come.

At last he came into a clearing and his eyes beheld a mystefying sight. Animals were everywhere, and each had a precious gift. Some brought shiny berries from the forest, some brought beautiful leaves, some brought twigs from the rarest of trees and even some brought the most precious wildflowers of the field.

They were laying these gifts at the entrance of a stable. Above the stable the light of the star twinkled more brightly than before. He turned to the deer and asked: "What is all this? Where have I come?" "You have come to see the new King. He is Born. Where are your gifts for the child?" asked the deer reproachfully. "I have no gifts...I didn't know..." said the lonely little dog with his head hung low.

The deer sneered and snubbed and quickly walked away as he tossed his head indignantly. The little dog's body trembled all over, his little tail flew between his little legs, and his little head hung lower than ever. He was ashamed. And yet...he still he wanted to get a little peek at the New King.

Quietly, ever so carefully, he creeped over to thestable. He was so small he could easily hide under the other animals. Ever so sleekly he crept up to the manger and peeked inside.

"WHO ARE YOU!" Boomed the voice of the Lion. "WHY DOYOU DARE NOT BRING GIFTS FOR THE NEW KING?!!!"and the little dog cowered, much humbled...he laid his little head at the foot of the manger and hid his eyes. He was ready to be killed by the Lion, and yet he spoke ever so quietly, ever so meekly, ever so bravely: "I have no gifts, I have no berries, or twigs, or bright flowers of the field...all I have is my life and I will gladly give that, for I have shamed all my brethren tonight..."

He waited - with his eyes closed, thinking that if he did die tonight, at least he would die beneath the cradle of his King. That's when a warm and gentle hand was upon him. He did not dare to open his eyes, until he heardwoman's voice speak: "Do not fear little one. You are safe here. This bramble in your fur speaks of the gift you have brought to him."The lonely little dog opened his eyes and looked up at the woman. "But I have no gift to offer, save for myself, and that is very little..." he shyly protested.

The woman smiled and scratched his ears. "Little dog, you traveled far to see the King...that is gift enough when it comes from your heart. What gift is more precious than one given in innocence and humility? No - little one, you are welcome here." as she spoke she raised the little dog up.

"Behold, your King, the Son of Man. You shall serve him well." and the baby smiled... So it came to pass and dog was lonely no more...

And dog has served man ever since, loyal to a fault, and humble he remains. A gift from God to us, for who, but dog will travel miles without explanation? Who, but dog will cower from you even if he is not wrong? Who, but dog will take a scolding even when he is not to blame? Who, but dog is content to dieat our feet if he so must?

Let us care for it well

A Beloved Dog's Christmas

by Karon Brandt

'Twas the day before Christmas when all through our house
Every creature was stirring, including Pet Mouse
The stockings were hung by the chimney - my lair -
Next to my Master's favorite stuffed chair.

My family was singing and still decorating;
Three dogs and three cats were anticipating
A glorious Christmas of new gifts, great treats;
The cats wanted catnip, the dogs wished for meats.

Excitement was building throughout the day
Our people were happy; we all got to play;
Gift wrapping, baking, smells of turkey and ham
I felt grateful to be "Home" as the loved dog I am.

As night came and our warm beds awaited,
The excitement had built to a pitch unabated;
But we all went to bed for a short night of rest,
Knowing Christmas would bring us only the Best.

I thought of my "brothers" and "sisters" outside -
Some starving and freezing with no place to hide;
No families to love them; no food; some in pain;
I knew that many would die in the cold and the rain.

I said a dog prayer for each unwanted stray
And asked Santa Paws to give them one Special Day
To let each of them know of real love and sharing,
A kind human touch and sweet, gentle caring.

A Light filled the sky and glowed everywhere;
Someone from above had heard my prayer!
An angelic Presence came into my view
And said, "For one day, your wish will come true."

When I awoke, I heard sounds of great glee
My folks were all laughing over a stocking for me;
Kong toys and rawhides, squeak toys and more
With presents for everyone spread over the floor.

The ferret, the hamster, the bird and the fish
Got new toys and food, a cage or a dish;
We got lots of attention and every need met
And gift certificates for our favorite vet.

In fact, we had so much, we wanted to share;
So my folks called a Rescue to check with them there;
They learned, to the shelter's surprise and delight,
Every animal's lack had been made all right.

New beds, bowls of food, and toys everywhere
Someone must have come and spent the night there;
The infirm seemed younger; the sick were now well
And, whatever had happened, no one could tell.

Without making a sound, with no one in sight,
A miracle had happened during the night!
Oh, why can't it be like that every day
With every pet wanted and no such thing as a stray?

The Spirit of Christmas is alive in each heart
Through Loving and Giving we can all impart
The Christmas Spirit every day of the year
And make Miracles happen, like the one told of here.

Written for all animal lovers for Christmas, 2000 Karon Brandt


What does he want on Christmas Day?
What are his quiet eyes trying to say?
A morning biscuit,
A daily hug,
A run in the park,
A sleep on the rug
A walk on the lead,
a sniff at each post,

What are the things he wants the most?
To be kept safe,
A chance to talk
With other dogs out on their walk,
A place to sleep that's all his own
And not to be too much alone?
Some scraps perhaps from the Christmas bird,
Some Christmas pudding,
A loving word,
A bone to gnaw,
A slipper to chew?

What are the things he wants from you?
What does he want on Christmas Day,
So little, so easy to give away?
What he gives us is worth much more
Than gifts piled high in a Christmas store.
Companionship, love and simple trust,
And doing the things we say he must.
His flagging tail,
His joy in living,
His warmth, his beauty, the fun he's giving,
The way he takes so patiently
Our puzzling inconsistency.
His faithfulness,
his watching eyes- Seeing his God before he dies?
As well, his hardest role by far,
Accepting us just as we are.

What does his Christmas hold in store?
Being our dog, just as before!

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