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Guild Ranking

Avatar: The leader of the guild. The Avatar is a strong and knowledgable Druid that has awakened from long ago to face the ongoing threat of the Horde.

Sage: Along with the Avatar the knowledgable Sages make up the Elder Council. The Sages are experienced leaders affluent in the Virtues of the Ancients.

Hero: A Hero is born of the strongest of Guardians and Sentinels. To become a Hero one must complete great feats of Heroism. Facing a Hero in battle is a fateful event as having one on your side is assured victory.

Sentinel: Sentinels are elite Guardians chosen by the Elder Council to protect that which is most important to the Alliance. The Sages themselves often travel with a detachment of Sentinels and they are often seen guarding some of the most sacred of places. To become a Sentinel a Guardian must first be chosen by the Sages to face the Sentinel trials. Though these proceedings are secretive in nature let it be known they are very difficult and only the strongest and smartest will persevere.

Guardian: A Guardian is one that has learned many lessons in his/her extensive training. Guardians understand the many concepts of the Virtues of the Ancients and how they apply to discipline, combat, leadership, and excelling at all that they do. They can take on just about any role from frontline soldier to battlefield support to direct leadership. They fight for honor and protect the Alliance with all the might of the Ancient Protectors.

Protector: A Protector is affluent in the ways of discipline, combat, and leadership. They are in the last stage of their training and are formidible combatants as well as competent leaders. They will most often take on the role of battlefield support and/or combatant as they learn to fine tune their skills but will also receive leadership positions from time to time.

Defender: A Defender has undergone much training and having focussed immensely on discipline and combat techniques many are now deadly weapons. They will not think twice about defending the Alliance from Horde onslaught. Though they are effective combatants they now seek to further their training in the ways of leadership.

Disciple: A Disciple has completed his/her first stage of training and having mastered the many facets of discipline is now an effective soldier. They seek to hone their combat skills and will be eager to engage in battle at a moment's notice.

Initiate: An Initiate after undergoing the scrutiny of the Wisdom of Sages is now taking his/her first steps toward the enlightenment Ancient Protector can offer. They must focus their efforts on understanding the facets of discipline both on and off the field.

Wisp: A Wisp is a new soul to the defense of the lands. They may consider the ways of the Ancient Protectors just as the Sages may consider them as viable Protectors to be. If they seek the path of Protectors they must first submit an application to the Sages.

Grouping for Unity

Grouping for Unity is a system designed to cultivate a strong united guild. Guildies will be assigned groups to quest and instance with over the course of a week's time. Each group will be assigned a zone and a dungeon to become experts of. Those groups will then share their expertise with the guild. After a week's time groups will be reassigned so guildies can become comfortable and efficient with others. Groups will consist of one officer, one veteran, and three others.

Zone Occupation

Zone Occupation is a system that will focus on PvP aspects of guild development. The guild will be assigned a contested zone for each day that is to be prioritized for keeping in alliance control. Guildies are to band together to keep that zone clean and also coordinate efforts with those outside our guild to the same avail. We want to show the world our collective effort and strength as a guild. We will show the Alliance that we are strong pillars of our community. At the same time we will show the Horde that we mean business and are not to be taken lightly.


To become eligible for promotion one must first complete training in their current field of learning. They must then demonstrate that their training is complete by undergoing a physical test of their prowess as well as mental demonstration of their grasp of concepts. Once completed one becomes eligible for nomination. Each Sage may nominate one guildie and the Avatar may nominate two guildies per week for promotion. This means there will only be ten promotions per week. Speed of completion and thoroughness will be considered in promotion. Once nominated the Sages will vote upon said promotion.

Alternate characters in the guild.

Alternate characters will be allowed in the guild in a limited capacity. Alternates will only receive admission upon completing level twenty. Also only one character per player may hold a given rank at a given time their alternates will remain wisps. To exchange characters in a rank position you must speak to an officer.

Base Camps

To ensure successful tactical engagements base camps will be established in the field. The detachment assigned to establishing and defending such a camp will be responsible for its existance and the resupplying and defense of units in proximity of said camp. Base Camps are not to be abandoned even to pursue retreating Horde unless orders to do so are issued by an officer.


Upon becoming a Disciple of Ancient Protector guildies will receive aid from higher ranked guildies according to their grasp of concepts and demonstration of discipline. Those able to cooperate best and execute orders efficiently will receive the most aid. Such aid might include quest help, better equipment, or monetary contributions.

Support Centers

To demonstrate our compassion to the rest of the Alliance from time to time we will establish support centers. These support centers will be a camp established by Ancient Protector in a certain area. The guild will rally at said center and aid other Alliance members in the area. Such Aid might include healing, buffs, quest help, and/or equipment donations as well as defense from would-be gankers.