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All guildies actions are a reflection of the guild. The rewards for helping to build an honorable and respected guild will be great just as the penalties for dishonoring the guild will be severe.

Honor Guildies will conduct themselves in an honorable manner at all times. If you respect others then others will respect you.

Order Order will be kept within the guild. All guildies will be held to standards befitting their rank within the guild. All guildies will respect the authority of those above them and the authority they have over those below them.

Valor Guildies will fight courageously and not flee from battle. Know that in battle some WILL die and you may be one of them. Accept this fact. If one fears and flees he leaves those around him vulnerable to the fate he feared.

Compassion Guildies will have an understanding of others. There will be no griefing. Ganking is not to occur. And corpse camping shall not be an issue.

Sacrifice Guildies will be willing to sacrifice to help others. You must understand sometimes sacrifice must be made for the greater good of the guild. Five combatants may die to preserve a resurrecting class that may then resurrect them but if that resurrecting class is left to die first the group shall perish.

Reputation Guildies will take pride in their reputation and their great actions. However arrogance and vanity will not be condoned.

Wisdom Guildies will be able to discern the actions that will be most beneficial to themselves and others. They will be decisive on the best means to the best ends. Tactics will overcome sheer number any day.

Unity Guildies will be united in all they do. The guild as a whole is a family. Be helpful to others around you and they shall be helpful to you and we will all thrive together. An all for one and one for all attitude is expected.

All of these values are expected to be upheld to the fullest by all guildies.