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Avatar -- Guild leader.

Elder Sage -- Senior officer. A Sage must complete 6 months of service to the guild and complete a leadership essay to become an Elder Sage.

Sage -- Junior officer. Sages study and utilize various leadership techniques to benefit the guild.

Sentinel -- Elite unit. Sentinels demonstrate great strength alone and even greater strength in groups. They comprehend leadership and discipline aspects in and out of combat.

Hero -- Elite unit. A Hero is in the top 10% of his/her class based on level and comprehension of said class.

Elite -- Elite unit. An Elite is just that; elite in everything they do. An Elite is a force to be reckoned with on the field and a great help to guildies off the field as well.

Veteran -- Advanced unit. Veterans understand leadership and discipline and deomonstrate decisive action on the battlefield.

Disciple -- Standard unit. Disciples have begun to study the ways of the Protector and have been accepted into the guild.

Initiate -- Training unit. Initiates are those new to the ways of the Protector. They study to one day be accepted into the guild.

Wisp -- Provisional unit. Wisps do not have all the privelages of other guildies but will get to observe the guild in its daily actions.

All guildies will be observed by various officers and other guildies. The result of these observations will weigh into promotion decisions.