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Planned Raids

12/13/04 Defending the Tower -- The guild will be assembling at the Grove of the Ancients at 6:00pm EST. We will depart at 6:30pm and arrive at our objective by 7pm. We will then practice maneuvers until 8pm. From 8pm until 10pm we will take a defensive stance against the Horde onslaught. We hope to have maximum guild attendance.

12/07/04 The Best Offense is a Great Defense -- The guild will be assembling at the Grove of the Ancients at 6:30pm EST and departing for Ashenvale forest at 7pm to do a defensive patrol to eliminate any Horde invaders. We will move in patrol groups and practice maneuvers as well as completing quests.

12/06/04 Voluntary Training -- Any guildies wishing to begin raid training in how to group, move, and strike together please meet at Grove of the Ancients at 7pm EST. Full attendance is encouraged so we may become a stronger guild. 58% Attendance The guild had its first gathering and it went very well. I am proud of all guidlies that remain after the purge. Everyone found something to keep themselves occupied during assembly and listened intently during briefing. After our assembly and briefing we went on to patrol Ashenvale forest which went rather well; though later on we lost our momentum and were repelled. All things considered it went very well and we will train harder to prevent our future repulsion. I'd like to thank everyone that showed up for their participation.