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12/07/04 -- I will be setting up a mule character to serve as the guild treasury and hold guild items. Any items or supplies that you do not need anymore or wish to donate you can mail to this character as well as any silver or gold you wish to donate. Anyone needing any items or supplies can mail this character to make requests. This system will serve to help out guildies both old and new.

12/07/04 -- The trade area of the website will be built over the next few days. Anyone that would like to register please mail to a list of your wares with public prices and guild prices if they differ as well as a list of any supplies you might be buying and how much you are paying. Please include your method of trade be it meeting up or COD by mail. Thank you.

12/07/04 -- Ancient Protector Guild now has Teamspeak server up and running. You can get the client from the link on the main page. Our server IP address can be found in the Guild Message of the Day ingame your login is your player name and you will receive your passwords via ingame mail.