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The Ancient Protector guild is a guild of cooperative players devoted to helping each other and developing a strong guild. We quest and PvP together and with others to defeat the Horde. We are always looking for new members but we are discriminant on who we allow into the guild. If you are interested in joining please follow the values link and read then follow the application link and follow the instructions there.

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Guild Objectives
Planned Raids

Creations of Stardust and the Blood of the Ancients, the Ancient Protectors were brought forth in the presence of moonlight where Earth meets Sky to defend the remaining mortal Night Elves from the Horde invaders. They are bound by Honor to protect all Night Elves from the many evils that abound. The Elders are the few remaining that were brought forth by Elune's grace. New Protectors are infused with the blood of Elders and Heroes and sworn to the Oath of Protection.

Guild Application
Guild Values
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