The Rachel Shakespeare

    The Rachel Shakespeare is one of the world's best electronic editions of the Complete Works, based upon the landmark 1866 Globe Edition.  
    It is available to all lovers of Shakespeare at no charge for personal, noncommercial use.

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  • All 37 plays consensually credited to Shakespeare
  • As an introduction to the Early Modern English of Shakespeare's day, Hamlet in the original spelling of the 1623 Folio.  With an introduction by the editor.
  • The 154 Sonnets and other major poems
  • Charles and Mary Lamb's Tales From Shakespeare, the classic retelling of 20 of Shakespeare's best-known plays as stories.

  • 14-point Verdana font
  • Full bookmarks to Acts and Scenes to instantly access any part of the work
  • Color-coded Act/Scene headers
  • All stage directions extracted to separate lines for easy recognition
  • Character header abbreviations have been eliminated and replaced throughout by full names
  • Printable in part or in whole
  • Searchable
  • Copy/Pasteable for excerpt use in reports, lesson plans, etc.
  • Useable by Adobe Reader®'s Read Out Loud capability (Adobe Reader 6)
  • Bookmarks auto-expand upon opening: closeable for a large-print, full-screen display


    Personal licensing for Rachel Shakespeare is free.

NOTE to Vista® users: This software has not been tested on Vista systems: compatibility is unknown.


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