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December 3rd

Gift Wrapping

Now is the time to make sure you have all the supplies
you will be needing to wrap all the Christmas gifts.

Gift Wrapping Checklist
Out of State or Overseas Packages
Creative Wrapping Ideas
Creative Gift Tags

Gift Wrapping Checklist

Wrapping Paper
Gift Boxes
Gift Bags
Tissue Paper
Gift Tags

Out of State or Overseas Packages

Now is also the time to get those packages,
to family and friends out of state or overseas,
in the mail.
Check US Postal Service cut-off dates here

Make sure you pack and label your packages correctly.
For packaging tips check here

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Plain Brown Craft Paper:

Use rubber stamps to decorate the paper.

Let the kids draw with red and green crayons on the paper.

Cut out Christmas pictures from ads and magazines,
decopage the pictures on to the paper.

Tie the gifts with plain or colored raffia.

Burlap Sacks:

Use fabric paint to decorate the sacks
with holiday pictures.

Cut out holiday motifs from holiday fabric
and hand sew them on to the sacks.

Tie the sacks close with red or green yarn,
braided to give extra thickness.

Creative Gift Tags

Glue past years Christmas cards to plain white or
colored card stock. Cut out in appropriate sizes.
Use a hole puncher, punch a hole and tie to gift with a ribbon.

Cut out pretty pictures from magazines, decopage to card stock.
Punch a hole and tie to gift with a ribbon.

Let the kids play with some finger paint on card stock.
Cut card stock into appropriate size tags.
Punch a hole and tie to gift with a ribbon.

For more gift tag and wrapping ideas why not check out
KidsDomain Craft Exchange

If you should have any traditions, crafts, activities,
recipes, etc. you would like to share on this page,
please feel free to email me and tell me about them.