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Storage Issues in the Bathroom
~ Written by Stephanie Vivian.

March 18th 2002
Recently, we bought a home, it is a lovely home, bigger than we expected we could ever afford! Nice big living room, the bedrooms are awesome! But ... there is no storage space! I have no linen closet, somewhere to put the extras, toilet paper, soap etc. In the kitchen I have cupboards, but no real place to put dry and canned food, I have one cupboard for that. I have everything crammed in there, you know the one where you have to take out 5 or 6 items to get out what you want. So, I had to do some serious thinking, where do I put everything?
Well, I have come up with some pretty easy and affordable ways to store everyday things and make it decorative too!

Lets start this week in the bathroom.
If you're like me and have no where to put extra rolls of toilet paper, and you hate those silly little towers (that everyone know is your toilet paper) or the toilet paper dolls that go on the back of the toilet, they are nice, but they don't go with my bathroom. So, I went out and bought a very large plas- tic terra cotta pot, I bought the saucer to go with it. The reason I bought plastic is because non-treated terra cotta is very porous and will suck up the moisture in your bathroom! So get plastic.
I bought a wooden ball at a local craft store and glued that to the bottom side of the saucer. Voila, you add that to the top of the pot and you have a very pretty storage container for your toilet paper. I painted mine to match my bathroom, but you could really do anything to decorate it.
You could also use the big terra cotta pot, without the lid, to hold extra towels, rolled to look decorative. Small ones, on the sink counter, could hold toothbrushes and toothpaste, and even tinier ones can hold Q-tips.
You can add a small wooden shelf for under 6 dollars, put little knick-knacks on that, that you might have to usually throw in a drawer, like make up and such, throw it in a pot and you have redecorated your bathroom for under 20 bucks!

Baskets are also a good storage system and cheap if you can find them on sale or at a flea market or thrift store. You can store you towels and toilet paper in them. Use small ones for the back of the toilet to hold soap and wash cloths. You can even add some to the wall (square) to hold towels and get them up out of the way.

If your not into any homey stuff, a good cheap alternative are crates, and if you want to save money, then search the back of stores, pick them up and spray paint them, make sure you add a sealer so the paint doesn't bubble in the moisture. You can add these to the walls as a shelving system and it will open up storage options galore for you, without breaking your bank account!

Another way to add more space to your bathroom is by adding a shelf above the space of your shower curtain if you have one. If you add a back to it, you almost get a box effect above this space, and you can store towels and toilet paper there, soap and all. Without taking up room on the floor!

Well, I am off to build my shelves, happy housekeeping all!

ęcopyright 2002 Stephanie Vivian All Rights Reserved.

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