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The Brandonburger Tor

Heart in front of the Brandonburger Tor

The Berlin Sony Center (view of the top, under the "volcano")

Heart in front of the Soviet Memorial

Heart and Happy at the Soviet Memorial

Checkpoint Charlie

Heart in front of Checkpoint Charlie

Lindsay, Happy, Jessica, and Thomas at CPC

The Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall Plaque

Bridge by the Museum Insel (Island)

The Reichstag Gebäude (Parliament)

On top of the Reichstag, and outside the Dome

The German Flag with the Sony Center visible in the background

The Dome on top of the Reichstag

The Folk(tr?)

The Sony Center visible from the Dome (blurry)

L-R: Jessica, Heart, Thomas, Lindsay, and Hiren

At the top of the Dome, there's a hole on the top where you can lie down and look straight up at the sky