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I love to explore the vast wonders of peoples backyards. I hate everyone that visits this website and I am going to eat there asshole. If you see me walking down the steet and want me to kill someone I will because I am crazy and like to keep score. FAT BITCHS RULE AND I WILL FUCK THEM ALL (WITH CRAIG) If anyone out there knows of someones weakness and wants me to post it on this website I will, go to El Cajo Blvd and find a whore with big tities, it is mine, tell her of someones weakness and she will tell me personally. I might try to kill you or Fuck you hardcore (If you are over 300 pounds). Some weaknessesd are this guy I saw at the gym-he was naked. Mike C- Goes to the gym to scam on bitches and not workout(I do that to so it is not a big deal, if you have a problem I will kill you). Mike Hoag- he is marryied to Jennifer. Chris Boy- I am still lookin hardcore. Brando- Wierd mothafucka. Craig G- Will never finish his goddam prerunner and says foooouck when he is mad. Red- has sex with drunk girls and told me he likes Asians. Ricky Jewmetz- Never keeps in touch with anyone and likes 14 year olds. Chris Purs- Likes to drink alchohol like a he is going to die tomorrow. Bobby- He was wears sandals. Bobbys Sister- crack whore.Me- I make a website insulting my friends but they know I am joking and if you are insulted in this website that means you are cool and I love you, but if you are still buthurt by my remarks, come to my house and I will appologise and then fight you and your gang because I am a Wu-Tang Killa Bee yall.Also, if you go to angelfire/droid/danhand there is a gay porn of two guys. If you like what you see here, I am working on another website, angelfire.com/creep/beastcounty, try this one in a couple of hours.