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Griggs Island..........Green Island or just G.I. .....Yo!

Well this is it, the first website dedicated to Grigg`s Island...... ......We gonna be jammin this baby out pretty quick and introducing you to the place once Kevhead can figure out how to use all this HTML stuff and keep the joints out of his mouth for a few minutes. He does seem to have managed getting this photo of me and my sweet Li-Mei up here today. When you check back in you`ll get all the rundown on what`s happening here on G.I. The artist scene, our studio, the bead room, all the cool beaches to hang at, the visa run situation!yeah we do the boat deal!!! and of course other "STUFF"!Yo!. You all stay cool and hope to see you on G.I. for the end of summer rave---it`s gonna be jammin and way better than spring scream!!!Say --Yoooo! . . .

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