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  Welcome to the  Shire Park Snooker Ladder

Ladder last updated: October 7th @ 10pm    Rest of site: June10th

Final Positions as of September '06: Winner.... DAVE














Dave Read 

Dave Bunney 

Adam Alexander 

Trevor Harrison 

Jamie Brooks 

Elliot Hingston 

Martin Read 

Keith Robinson 

Darren Morrison 

Jorge Carbajosa 

Jake Boddington 

Dave Fisher 

Ham Patel 


















Nitin Paul-Choudhury 

Peter Angel

Andy Topp 

Jeff Smart 

Anthony Coyne 

Spencer Rayment  

Adrian Davis 

Mark Bacchus    *1

Adam Legg 

Gordon Reade    *2

Simon Topp 

Rung Available

Rung Available

*1 Holder, *2 Runner-Up

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Ladder & Breaking News

Website re-designed to make it easier to update and show more Snooker Section& League information and Comp Sec details too.

Jason Ross removed for non-payment of Ladder Subs. Keith W & Karsan are taking a break.

New proposal for a format tweak's on the noticeboard.

Ladder Information


To be eligible, you only need be a Shire Park member, a handicap can be given to you - don't worry about that.

The simplest way to join is to talk to me in the Club, pay your entry fee and I can add you to the Ladder so you can start playing immediately.

Alternatively, fill in your details on the entry form in the Match Room, email the site and I'll do all that for you.

Once you've joined, your contact details will be added to the Membership details of all the other players.

You can use these details to contact anyone you want to challenge, the next Membership-wide email that gets sent out - you'll be included and can extract addresses from that too.

All information about the Ladder is on the dedicated notice-boards in the Match Room.










Not sure why the box top right's doing that; hmmm.


1. Join at the bottom of the Ladder.

2. You're free to challenge anyone above you.

3. Play off handicaps.

4. Play a single frame or any number; decide between you.

5. Write-up your result on the clipboard.

6. Rise 3 places per win.* 

7. Move your own rung up.

8. You can refuse a Challenge, but only if you've played a reasonable number of matches.

9. You can expect to lose places if you don't play often enough.

10. By joining you'll be donating to charity; Isabel Hospice and the RNIB.


 Ring me if there's any urgent disputes.


* Guidance for when you're near your opponent... can only overtake an opponent  if you were the rung directly below before challenging them.

This avoids 2 members playing each other over only a few matches and shooting up the Ladder when they may only win as many as they lose - not fair.


To rise beyond this opponent therefore, you need to either beat them when directly below and swap places, or challenge someone else higher and win.

Extra Event - Elite Cup

As there's only ever 1 annual winner to the Ladder (apart from getting a fiver for being the Runner-Up), I've introduced another competition to boost everyone's chances of winning some more cash.

You can qualify for this event by being in the top 8 of the Ladder when the time comes to host the competition; no date set yet.

The players at this stage will be invited to play in a mini tournament to decide the winner; group round robin or knockout or a mixture - depends on attendees and available time.

Once a date's been set, we can look at who's in the top 8 and a couple of players to be reserves to make up for those in this 'Elite' band of player that can't make it.



Yearly 5 Entry Fee

Ladder Winner - 50

Elite Cup         - 25

Runner Ups     - 5

(liable to change, but not much)


Let's not cause the Comp Sec to start having to hand out any punishments.

Expect demotion of rung positions, reduction in potential winnings and/or temporary or permanent expulsion.

Questions? Email, Guestbook, ring me on the number in the handbook & match room or talk to me in the Club.

Winner Announced Friday 1st September '06 @ 10pm

Thought of the Day

Comp Sec's Update

Deep condolences to Andy, Simon, Esther and all other family and friends of Richard Topp who died on Tuesday 9th January.

Ramesh Ganatra '06

Saturday 25th March

Winner: Manish Patel

Runne-Up: Andy Topp

22 entrants, 4 groups, 50 frames + best of 3 Qrtrs, Semi's &  Final

Many a good performance and a welcome number of new faces.

(I think Manish owes Comp Sec a drink for letting him turn up at 11:30 and not chopping his handicap down though!!!)




Shire Park Competitions



Snooker Handicap

Final  Keith Cox 3  Ali   2

Snooker Open

Final  Jamie 3 Adrian  1

Billiards Open

Final Keith Cox 109 V Dave Read 200

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Peter Castle Open :- Winner Dave Read, R/U Trev Harrison

Ramesh Ganatra Handicap :- Winner: Manish, R/U Andy Topp


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Club Info

County Constitutional Club
29 Ridgmont Rd, St. Albans, Herts, AL1 3AG
Tel: 01727 759445

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de Havilland Sports & Social Club
St. Albans Rd West, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 0TA
Tel: 01707 262665

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Goffs Oak Comrades Club
652 Goffs La, Walthan Cross, Herts, EN7 5ET
Tel: 01707 875327

Click for Map

Hatfield Road Sports & Social Club
87 Hatfield Rd, St. Albans, Herts, AL1 4JL
Tel: 01727 853161

Click for Map

Herts Country Club
Chequers Field, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL7 4HY
Tel: 01707 331333

Click for Map

North Mymms Mens Club
Station Rd, North Mymms, Hatfield, Herts, AL9 7PG
Tel: 01707 263275

Click for Map

Shades (Hatfield)
74 Town Centre, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 0JW
Tel: 01707 260414

Click for Map
(location to check)

Shire Park Club
Bessemer Rd, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL7 1HJ,
Tel: 01707 373808

Click for Map (Wrong address)

St. Albans Snooker Club
Unit 8 Verulam Ind Est,224 St. Albans, Herts, AL1 1LJ
Tel: 01727 869690

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Welwyn Garden City Golf Club
Mannicotts High Oaks Rd, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 7BP
Tel: 01707 325243

Click for Map

Welwyn Sports & Social Club
Ottway Walk, Welwyn, Herts, AL6 9DR
Tel: 01438 714183

 Click for Map (Address to check)

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